Runner Profile: Ellis Andrews

Andrews winning second in his age divison at Xterra

Ellis Andrews
Age: 67
Hometown: Penticton British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Retired

Ellis Andrews became a runner in high school. He ran both track and cross country. His love of the sport has only grown over the years and allowed him to stay health and young. Although he hails from Canada and visits there from time to time, he currently resides in Kailua Kon on the Big Island of Hawaii.

He goes Hawaii for 3-4 months to train and race. During his time on the Big Island he participates in Ironman’s and Ultraman triathlons, as well as other races that are held in the region. This year alone his has completed 20 races and recently finished the Xterra World Half Marathon Trail Championships second in his age division.

Running has provided him the opportunity to travel and visit new places. “The thing I like most about running is all the wonderful people I meet and all the energy all around me at the races I do and the positive lifestyle it creates,” said Andrews.

One of those new places he gets to visit, Houston is next on the list. This will be his first Chevron Houston Marathon and he is looking forward to it. He is also excited to watch the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in person. Through all of his racing, Andrews has met two elites that will be running in the trials.

As far as his own race day, “I am looking forward to on race day, as mentioned before, all the energy from all the runners, volunteers all around me, this is very special.”

Andrews prepares for the race by training with a group from a local running store in Kailua Kona. He also joins a group from another running store when he is in Canada. He is a member of the Penticton Pounders Running Club. Andrews spends the majority of his time coaching himself and others.

“Running has given me the ability to do anything I physically want to at my age. People tell me I look 10-15 years younger than my age,” said Andrews. “I believe people that run do age slower by being active.”

At the age of 67 Andrews isn’t showing any sign of giving up running. He continues to set new feats for himself. His current goals include finishing a half marathon in under 1:30:00 and running the ING New York Marathon and Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

His advice for those who want to start running is to start slow and gradually build your time and distance. Another great piece of advice is to keep a running log and find a running partner. Running partners are beneficial because you can both motivate each other.

“I just love to be with people that want to improve themselves either by losing weight, stopping smoking, better nutrition, mental health and family health,” said Andrews. “These people just pump me up and keep me going even at my age and they make ME younger.”

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2 Responses to Runner Profile: Ellis Andrews

  1. Ed Meyer says:

    we met in Urique where you were training for the copper canyon ultra marathon. I’d love to hear how it went

    • Ellis Andrews says:

      Hi Ed great to hear from you and will let you know how it went. Send me an email at (my name backwards) as would like to keep in touch and I can give you info on Guanajuato if you to travel their again as I have some great contacts re accommodation ,hiking,tour fellow etc. Looked up your daughter on US rowing team and she is a great athlete and wish her all success. Will wait for your email.
      As a footnote I won my age div. In Houston and enjoyed the organization of the race.
      All the best on your travels and great to spent rime with you. Regards Ellis

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