Runner Profile: Amanda Fiser

Amanda Fiser
Age: 29
Hometown: Houston, TX

“Running has always been a part of my life.  My family would go for runs after dinner. Sometimes on the weekend my dad and I would throw on a pair of running shoes, find a trail, and talk about life’s problems.  While living in the Caribbean, I would watch the sun rise over the ocean during my morning runs.  After I finished school I began losing the joy that running had always given me.  I tired easily and had more ‘bad days’ than ‘good days’.  I could not understand what was happening to me.

“Then in 2010, my husband and I watched the runners of the Houston Marathon speed past our apartment as they made their way towards Montrose.  I turned to my husband and told him I would run the marathon next year.  That very day I went for a run–it was one of the best runs of my life.

“I ran the 2011 Houston Marathon with my dad, while my husband and mom cheered us on.  I found the joy in running again.  So, the reason I run is because I can and because I love it!”

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