Vote for your favorite Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason charity!


It’s time to vote for your favorite charity! Chevron has partnered with the Houston Marathon Foundation to celebrate and recognize the success of Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason Program.

From December 19 – January 8, you can vote for your favorite Run for a Reason charity. (Limit one (1) vote per person.) On Sunday, January 13, Chevron will donate $50,000 to the charity that receives the most votes.

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903 Responses to Vote for your favorite Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason charity!

  1. Daniel says:

    Go Living Water International!!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Go Texas Center for the Missing….

  3. srfruge says:

    Vote for Young Texans Against Cancer!

  4. Sammi Ford says:

    Fight Cancer with Hope!! CanCare all the way!!

  5. Martha C says:

    Voted for National Multiple Sclerosis Society

  6. Lupus is such an enigma. Lets find out what causes it!

  7. Join me in voting for Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, a 100-year-old ministry that gives healing and hope to more than 4,000 children and families in need. Many of the children we serve have been victims of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect or abandonment. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services surrounds these children with love and support, and give them hope for a better life.

  8. Jeff K says:

    Let’s go Snowdrop!

  9. Nadine Roese McVey says:

    Please vote for Child Advocates Inc. There are so many children who have no voice. Please help give them a voice!!!!!

    • Marcus Chery says:

      I agree!!! Please vote for Child Advocates!! Child Advocates is training volunteers to speak up for abused children!!

  10. SALVADOR F. GILL says:

    My Vote goes to Sheltering Arms Senior Services! Such an an Amazing place the Elderly!

  11. As a volunteer advocate for children, I know first hand how Child Advocates, Inc. can have such an impact on children in our area. Child Advocates mobilizes court appointed volunteers to break the vicious cycle of child abuse. We speak up for abused and neglected children who are lost in the system and guide them into safe environments where they can thrive.This is such a well run and caring charity. The actual tangible difference that it makes in the lives of such vulnerable young lives is amazing. I love being an advocate and hope that you will vote to make Child Advocates the #1 voted for charity.

    • Rickie Peters says:

      Yes, please vote for Child Advocates. This is a wonderful organization. I have had the opportunity to volunteer on several occasions. It makes you feel so good to see the happiness on the children’s faces.

      Rickie Peters

    • Rickie Peters says:

      Yes, please vote for Child Advocates. This is a wonderful organization. I have had the opportunity to volunteer on several occasions. It makes you feel so good to see the happiness on the children’s faces.

    • Chanda Cashen says:

      I am also a volunteer for Child Advocates and it is has been life changing for me. The Houston chapter is a well run organization that helps some of the most vulnerable children in our community. This organization gives abused and neglected children a voice and a future to break the cycle. I have woked with 8 children and I look forward to continuing the journey. Please vote for Child Advocates so we can continue to help these children see a brighter future!

    • Anne says:

      I actually came to the site to vote for the Buffalo Bayou Partnership…but when I saw Child Advocates listed, I couldn’t vote for anyone else! Vote for kids!

      • John Doe says:

        what about cancer??? or all the other very good charities?? all you care about are snot nosed pissant kids???? screw the kids.

      • Miriam says:

        …and my vote goes to……Child Advocates!!! this organization is too important, sadly not everyone agreed, but that doesn’t really matter. I hope that CA can get the money so that more children will benefit for the amaizing work you do

      • Child's Voice says:

        To John Doe, yes, other organizations are just as important, but
        Cancer charities are more well-known and therefore get more funding. Child-Advocates is less known and a great program that takes care of kids who come out abusive homes…most likely they are being protected from people like yourselve who value so little.

  12. Anne Daily says:

    I’m all about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!!!

  13. brittney mccallough says:

    my son has duchenne muscular dystrophy an us mothers need this money more then anything to find a cure for our boys

  14. Leslie B says:

    Vote for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  15. Kristen Light says:

    Vote for the Epilepsy Foundation to give people hope for a bright future!

    • Crissy Serrata says:

      Both of my daughters have Epilepsy…Epilepsy Foundation of Texas gets our vote! :)

      • Monika says:

        lost my son to epilepsy almost 6 yrs ago; epilepsy foundation gets my vote

      • David Lehman says:

        I have 2 daughters with epilepsy and hope ths generous offer can help us learn how to better treat those who have to live with it.

      • Dawn says:

        I’m 36 years old and I have Epilepsy I had it when I was 13 year old and now my 16 year old has it and she had it when she was 6 years old she has them every day even on the meds and now I have to test my 9 year old case it strong in the women in my family so u have my vote

      • Joan Matteson says:

        Please support the Epilepsy Foundation. They always get our vote!

      • Buster Irby says:

        Epilepsy Foundation of Texas gets my vote also!

      • Michael Wilcutt says:

        I’m 38 years old. I’ve had epilepsy since I was 19. I geuss its been a perfect half of my life. I had meningitis when I was a baby. I live in N Dallas. EFTX gets my vote.

    • lori fountain says:

      My grandson has Dravet Sysdrome it is a form of Epilepsy and the outcome is not good for these children we need a cure because these are gods angels

      • Dawn says:

        We do need something I had it for half my life all ready I had my first one when I was 13 year old I’m 36 now I have to take pills every day and it suck :-( but I have to my 16 year old daughter has know and that hit me hard she had brain surgery and that help with her drop Epilepsy but she has a thing with her eyes and she take 5 pills twice a day and she may not be alowed to drive but that’s ok she has the best grades in school and it her last year in high school I’m a proud mom even with the epilepsy

    • Allison says:

      All voted! I’ve had Epilepsy for 27 years! Thankfully, it’s all under control. However, there are many people out there whose Epilepsy is not under control and we need to do more research to help them out!

      • Kayla says:

        I voted for the Epilepsy Foundation also. Started having seizures when I was 8 yrs. old
        now I am 45. My Grand Mal seizures stopped with the help of a Vagal Nerve Stimulator.
        That was the best decision I ever have made was to try it.I was in my early twenties
        when my first VNS was implanted. It helped with my Petimal seizures too but, still
        take one medicine for those.

    • Nedra Monyer says:

      My vote also went to Epilepsy Foundation! My 23-month-old daughter (turning 2 on the 13th) started having absence seizures when she was 11 months old. She has had two medication increases and they still seem to be getting worse. Hoping and praying for a solution!

  16. Hunter Todd says:

    Leukemia Lymphoma Society & their TNT – Team In Training! Now a 90% improvement in cure rate due to LLS! A wonderful Organization! Merry Christmas! Bountiful New Year!

  17. Kelly Nicholls says:

    Houston Area Parkinson Society! Go Team HAPS!

    • Sandra Goode says:

      Ihave Parkinsons and hope you vote for our cause. It would really help those with Parkinsons.

      • Leslie Bailey says:

        My father passed away in 1996 from Parkinson’s disease, so I have joined you in your cause and voted for Houston Area Parkinson Society. I hope they find a cure soon. God Bless You!

    • Kathy says:

      PD – It’s not a sprint, It’s a marathon! See you all on the 12th!

    • Kimberlee McElfresh says:

      My husband was recently diagnosed so in addition to HAPS we are now a 2 “cause” family – I have MS (23 yrs now) but he LoneStar Chapter is the largest MS 150 in the country and raises a boatload of money through it so I’m going with HAPS now….good luck!!!

  18. Texas Gulf Coast Leukemia and Lymphoma Society gives back direct in our community for all cancer research

  19. Kathleen Haney says:

    LLS all the way…!!!

  20. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!!!

  21. Cheryl says:

    My son also has Duchenne MD and I need him around for many years. Please vote for Parent Project Duchenne MD. Thank you.

  22. stephen says:

    ppmd please. please together lets cure duchenne. thank you

  23. Melissa says:

    My 9 year old daughter has Type One diabetes. We support JDRF!

    • Elizabeth says:

      My 9 Year old Daughter also has Type 1, we voted for JDRF!

    • Carol says:

      I have a 23 year old daughter who has lived with this horrible disease since she was 6 years old, taking up to 8 injections of insulin daily to stay alive and pricking her fingers more times than I can count. Please vote JDRF, it is time to cure this disease.

  24. Jerine Underwood says:

    Hope this helps Kelly glad you are doing good

  25. So fortunate to be running for Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services!!! Go PCHAS!!!!:))

  26. Candice Phillips says:


  27. Supporter of the Parish School says:

    My vote goes to the Parish School who helped my son find his voice to communicate to us.

  28. Missy Sauter says:

    Go Snowdrop Foundation!!!

  29. Nita Cantrell says:

    Voted for the National MS Society!

    • Mary A says:

      Help find ways to allow people to keep moving. I am grateful for the research they they have done and continue to do. Much progress has been made but we need to continue to look for ways to help those with MS.

  30. Eileen says:

    God Bless the Houston SPCA

    • Brooks Davis says:

      My family adopted from the Houston SPCA for my then 10 yr old son, that little black Lab/mix “Buddy” has improved my outlook on life !

      Animals everywhere need our help, God bless them all this Christmas….

      SPCA , thank you for your splendid mission !

      Warm regards,

      The Davis family
      Brooks, Kathy,Jordan and his pal “Buddy”

    • Linda Kent says:

      The Houston SPCA ‘s compassion has helped so many animals that otherwise would continue to suffer and die. Their efforts are relentless. This service picks up the shattered lives of animals that incompatent human beings leave behind to suffer or die. They deserve all the support that can be given. All of gods creatures should never have to suffer and the Houston SPCA battles this daily. They give 100% of themselves to pick up the shattered pieces of animals that cruel humans leave behind. GOD BLESS THE HOUSTON SPCA AND THEIR STAFF. THANK YOU

      • Eileen Glaser says:

        Go Linda! I’m a volunteer at The Wildlife Center of Texas. Eileen

      • Heide says:

        Voted for Houston SPCA…as a volunteer, I see what they do. Ditto to what Linda says!

      • Becca Brusky says:

        Love, Love, Love the Houston SPCA! Without them I wouldn’t have my “Dogter” (doggie daughter) or my brand new cat that we adopted just this past weekend.

      • Vicki Hawthorne says:

        I have volunteered for both the Houston SPCA and the Wildlife Center of Texas…both are great organizations!!! You help one, you’re helping the other…Keep up the amazing work! P.S. I rescued a 8yr old, 3-legged dog just this past year from the SPCA…he now lives w/ my other 3 dogs and me…
        Animal Planet – Houston SPCA program will show you the ‘real’ life of some of these poor animals, the way they have to live before they’re rescued by great people in the cruelty rescue division…then the vets take over, then the volunteers care for them until they get to go home to a ‘forever home’…It’s one Big happy family!

      • joann jensen says:

        I give all respect to Houston SPCA for the care an love they have for animals,an the neglected ones,when humans just toss out like trash “A HIGH FIVE FOR HOUSTON SPCA”

    • Thomas Fortenbaugh says:

      thank you Houston SPCA

  31. Jill G says:

    Voted for the SPCA, of course!!

  32. Voted for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy!

  33. Sharon Hill says:

    Voted for the Houston SPCA – Help save the animals!!

    • Janell Milling says:

      I recognize all of the causes to be worthy of support. I cast my vote for humane care of our four legged friends who need a loving home.

  34. Kelly G says:

    Voted for the Houston SPCA!!

  35. Renee says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital gets my vote!

  36. Dee Smith says:

    Houston SPCA – Helped Louisiana and Texas during Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Issac. Please help those that help the helpless animals. Thank you!

  37. huguette shields says:

    Voted for SPCA. those animals can not talk or defend themselves and they need our help.

  38. Calvin says:

    National MS Society…

  39. Shirley Buckley says:

    Go for Houston SPCA. Our animals cannot help themselves, it’s up to us to protect them.

  40. Vivian says:

    Houston SPCA all the way!!!

  41. brenda says:

    Houston SPCA! They help so many animals in horrible situations find a new home and a loving family.

  42. Ronnie says:

    Vote For Citizens (for) Animal Protection . C.A.P.

    youtube to mp3

  43. Vote CanCare! We are impacting the lives of cancer patients and their families everyday! Chevron, thanks for the opportunity.

  44. Jen H says:

    I support Houston SPCA

  45. Glenda says:

    Voted for the Houston SPCA. Some of the best people in the world. They stand up for the helpless.

  46. Houston Center for Literacy – Because every child deserves a literate parent.

  47. CRC says:

    The HSPCA has given our family 3 wonderful additions, Rowdy, Skipper and Gracie Lucy-Loo. What would we do without them, thank you HSPCA for your love of animals!

  48. Larry "The Blok" DeSpain says:

    I am a big proponent and fundraiser for the Snowdrop Foundation. Curing pediatric cancer is a must.

  49. Annie Eifler says:

    Help build a stronger Houston through literacy–vote for Houston Center for Literacy!

  50. Cheryl S. says:

    HOUSTON SPCA. Thanks for two wonderful additions to my family :-)

    • Jolanta says:

      But they also kill animals. Not cool! CAP is a better choice.

      • Susan D says:

        The Houston SPCA proudly places 100% of our healthy, behaviorally sound canines and felines animals that are healthy and free of serious behavior issues – into loving new homes. No animal is ever euthanized at the Houston SPCA to make room for incoming animals.

        The Houston SPCA is what is termed an “open door” shelter, meaning that we accept every animal that is brought to us. We feel that we serve the animals of our community best this way. Although the idea of becoming a no-kill shelter is certainly appealing, current reality in Houston is not that simple.

        CAPS is also an “open-door shelter.”

        Until these organizations receive more funds and more volunteers, the current reality of Houston being a “no-kill shelter area” will not happen. So give and volunteer time! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!

      • CAP had a 52% KILL rate the last time that they were open and honest with the public.

      • Jolanta is right. Why would anyone give $50,000 to organizations that kill tens of thousands of healthy and treatable animals every year when alternatives exist?

      • Susan D’s comment is absolutely false. 1) The last time that the Houston SPCA was honest with the public, they had a 65% KILL rate. Conversely, there are now almost NINETY Open Admission shelters and animal controls across the US SAVING 90% tp 98% of ALL animals entering their doors i.e. including thousands that the HSPCA claims are not “healthy or behaviorally sound”. Many of the No Kill shelters stopped killing literally overnight. There was not a giant increase in funds or volunteers that came first. Saving lives came first. Those No Kill shelters stopped killing when the leadership decided to end killing and decided to work hard to make it happen. Obviously, this type of leadership does not exist at the Houston SPCA.

        2) OF COURSE, the Houston SPCA is killing for space… and many, many other ridiculous reasons, if they have a 65% KILL rate. They just re-label the animals as “unadoptable” to try to make themselves look better to fool the public and donors.

        With almost 90 Open Admission communities that have stopped killing, there is absolutely NO excuse that the Houston SPCA should still be killing animals. The Houston SPCA could stop killing if they wanted to. Likewise, they they “could” say no to intakes instead of killing animals for space.

  51. V says:

    All these charities are for good causes but we can only vote for one! While my heart goes to the unfortunates who need assistance and guidance, my admiration and appreciations go to all these worthy organizations and their aids for their dedications and excellent work.

    It would be nice if the voting mechanism is embedded in this webpage. I would like to vote for the SPCA this time, but don’t know how to vote yet.

    Please adopt your pets from animal rescue agencies and kindly keep them for good. Thank you.

    • V – the poll is embedded in the page. Which web browser are you using? Maybe that is the issue. (It works in Safari, Explorer, Chrome and Firefox)

      • Tito S says:

        Poll is using webdaddy which is filter out if user has a web tracking detection/filtering software (such as Ghostery)

      • V says:

        I’m using Firefox and I just don’t see the “poll” button. Please post description and location of the “vote” or “poll” button. I tried clicking on different prompts the other day and got nothing. If it’s a pop-up, it’s going to be blocked and I won’t even see it. Or – thank you library! – I could try to use the computers in the library and see if it works. Thanks for the reply.

      • V says:

        Voted. Thank you guys. Thank you Tito S. Good to know polldaddy is used in the polling.

      • ReaderX says:

        Thanks, Tito. I never saw a poll either. Using Chrome on OS X with Ghostery.

  52. Margaret Chambers says:

    Houston SPCA – Animals, like children are helpless against abusive people. They are God’s creation and don’t deserve to be neglected. Many others donate to childen organizations but don’t think animals matter. I donate to both children and animals because they both do matter.

  53. Nannette says:

    I am so happy to be given the chance to vote for the Down Syndrome Association of Houston. Go go go DSAH!

  54. Jaime says:

    Down Syndrome Association of Houston! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! So happy for the opportunity to vote for DSAH!

  55. Gena Carter says:

    While I support any all charities, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is my favorite charity. I wish them all good luck!

  56. Micqui says:

    Support the Houston SPCA. Help the little ones that can not help themselves! :) What a great cause!

  57. Kathy Freas says:

    Kathy F voted for Houston SPCA. A voice for those who have no voice–and who so need our help

  58. Melody says:

    My family has rescued numerous animals from the Houston SPCA that have brought us great joy. Help those abused and neglected that can’t speak for themselves.

  59. Hannelore Kennedy says:

    Animals are also God’s creatures and should be treated with love and kindness. They are depending on us and we should do anything to help them.

  60. Susan Kinley says:

    I rescued a wonderful dog from the Houston SPCA. He has helped me get through some difficult times in my life and i love him dearly. The Houston SPCA is a wonderful organization that takes in abused and neglected animals and places them in homes where they give back so much love to their owners.. Please support the Houston SPCA.

  61. Kathleen says:

    The SPCA is a great organization providing a service for animals that, unfortunately, is greatly needed in the Houston area. Please support and adopt from the Houston SPCA.

  62. Marie Audette says:

    Houston SPCA.Give a voice to those who have no voice.

  63. Diane says:

    Love the Houston SPCA!

  64. Susie says:

    GOD Bless the Houston SPCA! Let’s give a “voice” to all the animals that don’t have one. I LOVE the HSPCA~I only wish AZ had one.

  65. Venniece Robbins says:

    Vote Houston Food Bank

  66. Heather Meermann says:

    Please vote for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. My 6-year-old has Duchenne MD and we are in a race against time to save his life.

  67. Patsy Williams says:

    I just voted for Houston Area Parkinson Society (HAPS}. Hope all my friend and family (and even some friends I haven’t met yet) will vote for this life-line that helps those battling with Parkinson Decease.

  68. I just voted for Citizens For Animal Protection. The homeless animals need their forever homes as much as humans do so they deserve a second chance.

  69. Bright Ihezue says:
    Literacy is the foundation of education and must come first. Texas is behind in Literacy. Houston Litercy Council is helping tackle this important task. They need Texas and Houston support. Please vote for Houston Literacy Council.

  70. Mindy says:

    Please vote for the National MS Society in order to create a world free of MS!

  71. Vote for the Epilpesy Foundation we have 350 kids that need a Summer Camp experience in 2013!

  72. joyce james says:

    Houston Area Parkinson Society does such a wonderful job helping people with Parkinson’s and supporting the families taking care of them.

  73. Amy says:

    PLEASE vote for SPCA! So many animals are abused, homeless, and Euthenized…they need our help!

  74. Jim says:

    These are all good causes but with your support we can stop further progression of multiple sclerosis, restore lost function and end MS from occurring in the future!

  75. sharon johnson says:

    Thank You SPCA for your care of so many animals.

  76. Rebecca says:

    Thank you Elves & More “changing lives — One bike at a time!” gets mine

  77. Francoise Duclot says:

    CAP (citizens for Animal Protection) accomplishes a much needed community service by taking in and placing homeless animals. They are the first helpless victims of an economic downturn.
    Please Help the weak and voiceless this year!

  78. Taiyeb Shipchandler says:

    Please vote for better quality of human lives. Vote for Houston Area Parkinson Society. Please make HAPS HAPPY.

  79. Melody says:

    Please vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Both of my both have this disease and they are so close to a cure!

    • Joanne M says:

      Also voted for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for my son with CF. Please support to find a cure for this terrible disease so others don’t have to suffer!

      • Judy says:

        Cystic Fibrosis, one of the fastest growing deseases aflicting children around the globe today. Help stop this deadly desease before it stops us.

  80. Sheryl says:

    HSPCA Thank you for all you do

  81. TK Foundation has help to raise the awareness about the need for lifesaving organ donation and in turn has given 100’s of Houstonians a second chance at life.

  82. B Melton says:

    All great causes. CanCare was there for me personally…

  83. Radiestroud says:

    Helping to make CF stand for Cure Found

  84. KAREN BLACKWEL says:

    I voted for the SPCA – the care they give animals is not known by most people and financial help is given by even fewer. – PLEASE HELP.

  85. Sly Bowden says:

    Go Child Advocates, Inc…From Hotel Indigo at the Galleria

  86. s watkins says:

    the spca does so much good for animals who cannot speak for themselves or have no advocates as many other organizations vot is for the spca..

  87. Yvonne dunkin says:

    Love the spca

  88. Jennifer Lenard says:

    I love the SPCA, because I love the way they help animals!!

  89. Sheila says:

    Support the SPCA!

  90. gmo says:

    SPCA ……….because our doggies have no voice and can not fend for themselves. They do not hunt and we are there only hope. God bless!!

  91. volkmar says:

    all my life long i adopted the unwanted animals – they can not help themselves – we are responsible for them – so i vote for the houston spca which is doing a great jo

  92. Anne Thobae says:

    Houston Area Parkinson Society is the only organization in our community that provides critical comprehensive programs free of charge that help people manage life with this incurable progressive, neurodegenerative disease that can affect the ability to walk, stand, speak or swallow…It provides a lifeline to thousands.

  93. Abdul Khalid Dadani says:

    Because Neighborhood Centers transforming Communities for Good.

  94. tamu7412 says:

    elves and more – 10,000 kids gots bikes this year not counting the previous 4 years. That is a huge number of kids that are effected. And these kids had to do something in school to earn these bikes. great concept to help young people improve and be ready for the future. Remember they are our future!!!!!!!

  95. bethany says:

    Too many animals are left to fend for themselves. what will those people do to other people.. let’s find homes for the poor animals and encourage sterilization so that there are less that aer ‘ditched’.

  96. Alex alfaro says:

    Great cause

  97. Erika L. says:

    My vote goes to Texas Center for the Missing. I am a mother of two and their knowledge and commitment with our children and their safety is impressive.

  98. Thomas says:

    The family is the most important and basic fundamental structure that keeps us linked together in our immediate circle and within our society. When a family member is lost or missing that chain is broken. Thanks to the Texas Center of the Missing for doing your part to help keep families intact!

  99. Barbara I. Wolf says:

    I vote for SPCA!

  100. Nathalie says:

    My grandmother just died of complications stemming from Lupus last week. We need to know more and understand this disease. Vote for the Lupus Foundation! Run for it too!!

  101. Molly Miller says:

    I’m a former student of The Parish School and I love supporting them!!!!

  102. jane says:

    Thank you Pink Ribbons Project…you have my vote!

  103. Michael J Morris says:

    Team Cystic Fibrosis!!!!!!!! The 2012 MArathon is only the beginning of my run, Jan 23 I’m on a 500 mile run to support!!!!!!

  104. Amba says:

    The dedicated staff at Citizens for Animal protection work extremely hard in their quest to find loving homes for abused and neglected animals. The need is overwhelming, the funds never enough. Let’s help them help those without a voice.

  105. Jason James says:

    “Elves and More” is an incredibly worthwhile charity that benefits children. It gives them a reason to believe that maybe dreams really do come true…

    • Dr. Juanita A. Blezinger says:

      As a former teacher of mathematics at Jeff Davis High School in Houston, I know how important is would have been if your Elves and More program had been in effect when I was teaching there. I have retired from teaching in another town, but the bike would have been the incentive many of my students would have really worked for. When returning to the campus recently, I visited with some of the students who had received a bike. They were so proud. Many had to really stuggle with keeping their grades up to qualify for this gift. Thanks for all you do to help so many in the Houston area.

  106. Magdalena Toetter says:


  107. Bill hadley says:

    Covenant house rescues homeless kids !!

  108. Chelsea S. says:

    Vote for the Organization for Autism Research! This $50,000 could cover a full research study ($30,000) and also support the production of OAR’s current project, Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary Teachers DVD. This resource is set for completion this month and will be a SUCH an important tool for teachers and schools!

    • Roger Henson says:

      We are just beginning to understand autism and to make teachers and emergency responders aware of the differences and even gifts these special people have. But we need more understanding which only research can provide. I support you OAR and wish you well.

    • Phong Nguyen says:

      I love animals a lot, but I can’t vote for them because I have 2 autistic sons. So I voted for OAR. I want more people know about Autism. The autistic children will get better when everybody try to help them, specially the teachers and schools.

  109. Cheryl says:

    I was so fortunate to run with TNT to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

  110. Reach Unlimited ROCKS! Reach Unlimited provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Visit Reach’s website to learn more:

  111. Lyndia Wilcox says:

    I voted for Snowdrop Foundation. Kevin Kline and Trish Kline go out of their way to make a difference for the kids at Texas Children’s Hospital.

  112. Jessica smith says:

    I vote spca houston and make protection for all the animals. It need to really help with any animals. Please I pray for this spca houston help the animals I love yall! Go spca houston!

  113. Holly Dawber says:

    Please vote for Houston SPCA! They are the best, and every dollar is used right!

  114. Kathy Adams says:

    Please vote for the Houston SPCA. Animals need help too!

  115. Belinda Garza-Gaddis says:

    As a mom with a son who has Down syndrome, having reliable and up to date information plus having a person who has walked the walk is essential. And DSAH’s ED does just that and more. What started out over 30 years ago as a support only group is now a program driven non-profit. Your vote will assist the DSAH in continuing its mission.

  116. I Support The Sunshine Kids Foundation, they do a lot for cancer survivor kids and their famlies. They are a great organization. I do admire and respect all the listed organization. Great Job everyone!!!

    • Steve Jones says:

      I don’t think I would be alive without the Sunshine Kids Foundation. I learned how to live and deal with cancer from the other Sunshine Kids. Meeting other kids who have the same illness and problems is a tremendous help to those who have cancer!

      • Peggy Murphy says:

        My neice Kaitlin Lynch is a National Spokes kid for SSK.
        We will never forget the love & support they gave her while fighting her cancer. Go SSK!

  117. Victor says:

    Last year I volunteered to be a face painter at the child advocate event in Downtown Houston. Not knowing what to expect, I can tell you that it was an unbelievably awesome experience. Just to see the smiles on the kids faces and the look of amazement in their eyes, was worth every minute. As my son says…………, ……that was off the chain!!!

  118. Z.M.S. says:

    Go Snowdrop… Good luck Kevin and Trish!

  119. David Clayton says:

    Sunshine Kids gets my vote.

    David Clayton

  120. Alma says:

    Voted for SPCA!! And rescue your next best friend today! They will love you forever, unconditionally :)

  121. Carol says:

    Voted for Child Advocates since I’m a volunteer!

  122. josephine babineaux says:

    I voted for Neighborhood Centers,Inc.

  123. Maggie says:

    Please help make CF stand for CURE FOUND!

  124. all the charities are wonderful, but I voted for Child Advocates because children deserve to be safe and shown love & support!

  125. Scott says:

    Sunshine Kids is such a blessing for many. Good luck to all the charities.

  126. Autumn says:

    I support HSPCA all the way but I truly believe every cause should win!

  127. Brynn says:

    SPCA all the way! For those that are not aware, the SPCA receives NO government assistance – they are solely supported on donations only. Please consider all that the SPCA does for the Houston and surrounding areas that could not be possible without the financial help that they constantly need. – And while you are at it, consider adopting your next family member from the SPCA.

    • Cookie Michael says:

      I love animals and they are like Children they can not speak or defind them selves so they have to take abuse and wonder what did I do wrong it breaks my heart for animals and Children. I am torn…..SPCA does a great job they depend on Donations.

  128. Cyronica says:

    Voted for the National MS Society, we need a cure for MS now!

  129. Monica Rylant says:

    PCHAS does amazing work with families and children all over Texas!

  130. BrandIT says:

    NMSS received my vote. As a spouse and primary caregiver to a wonderful wife who has MS I would like to make sure that the advances in treatment and research don’t get stopped in their tracks. Thank you all for your support to help those affected by this debilitating disease.

  131. The Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH) supports, educates, advocates, and serves individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout Greater Houston! DSAH is a great cause!

  132. My owner voted for the HSPCA because I was adopted from there two years ago. She says there isn’t another cat like me anywhere on earth, whatever that means………..Yours truly, Harry Potter (the cat)

  133. Natalie says:

    LLS, I run so that others will have the chance to do so in the future! Vote LLS!!!

  134. Martha Steele says:

    My vote is for Reach Unlimited, where we support persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to Live, Learn, and Earn. Visit Reach’s website to learn more:

  135. Becky says:

    Clean Water Saves Lives!

  136. Lisa Freese says:

    Vote for Avondale House. It is a great school for children with autism.

    • Jo Ann Grooms says:

      Voted for Avondale House! Our life wouldn’t be the same without AH! They are a wonderful school for children and adults with severe autism.

  137. Linda Smith says:

    I voted for the TK Foundation……TK Foundation works to raise the awareness about the need for lifesaving organ donation and giving Houstonians a second chance at life.

  138. NSH says:

    This will buy bicycles for 1,000 students who have worked hard to improve their reading skills so they can succeed in school!!

  139. Beth Sams says:

    Your vote for Child Advocates can change the life of a child and possibly an entire family. Child Advocates trains court appointed volunteers to speak up for abused children who are lost in the foster care system. I have been a “voice” for these kids for 4 years. Please vote for Child Advocates.

  140. Rick Hurt says:

    Vote for Reach Unlimited a facility for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to Live Learn and Earn… This will be my 4th Chevron Houston Marathon running for Reach Unlimited, “Got My Back”. cya on 13th of January. Check out their website. and vote for Reach Unlimited.

  141. Patricia HIdalgo says:

    Vote for Child Advocates! They make a huge difference in abused and neglected children’s lives!

  142. Asha for education! I love this!

  143. Brandice says:

    Visit to read the kid’s letters on how the organization changes their lives. Bring tissues.

  144. Lori White says:

    Please vote for the Lupus Foundation of America, Gulf Coast Chapter….we have to find a cure!

  145. Emily wilkins says:

    Help all the poor helpless animals

  146. Ashley R. says:

    Please vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. CF is the most common genetic disease in the US. My daughter has CF, and we had never heard of it before she was diagnosed. CFF has been known to male every penny donated count! Please help cure this deadly disease! You can meet my daughter at Team Kare Bears in fb. Thank you for your support!!

  147. Amanda mccreight says:

    LFA GC!

  148. Alejandra E. Gomez says:

    Let’s go child advocates!!!!!!

  149. Help save America’s youth one at a times, vote for Covenant House.

  150. Alan & Judy Broadwater says:

    Vote for a cure…Vote Cystic Fibrosis…a cure is nearer every day!

  151. Nancy Dorris says:

    I vote for CFF because I am the mother of a 24 year old son and 28 year old daughteLIVING with CF. My daughter is a successful double lung transplant patient and my son is successful musician!

  152. Naana says:

    Go Lupus Foundation!

  153. I feel very passionate about this cause due to my uncle’s remission! I want more people to experience this gift!

  154. Phillip Gobe says:

    Help those who help others – vote for Parish School.

  155. Elaine Dubec says:

    JDRF!! We support the cure for this devastating disease that is affecting so many children in record numbers.

  156. Carisa Guss says:

    Please vote for the Lupus Foundation of America, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter!!!!

  157. Tina Flores says:

    Please vote for JDRF, we will continue to support the cure for this ugly disease!

  158. Tina Flores says:

    I have a dear friend with a daughter with CFF & 2 of my of cousin’s children, please vote every dollar helps with complications that can arise with their condition.

  159. Jason Volz says:

    JDRF is our number 1 charity. Diabetes care accounts for 10% of our country’s total medical spending. This organization’s focus on cure, prevention, and treatment has the potential to substantially reduce that cost while at the same time improving the lives of many children and adults with this disease. JDRF was rated by Forbes as a top charity organization in terms of its efficiency in putting donation dollars to work with minimal overhead costs.

  160. Kristi says:

    Vote for the Lupus Foundation Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. All of us suffering with it truly appreciate it.

  161. Carolyn Skonberg says:

    Voted for CF. Dear friend’s daughter was born with CF. She is 16 now and doing well but we still need many resources and research to enable CF patients to live a full long life without the many complications associated with this disease.

  162. Lily says:

    Please vote for Neuhaus Education Center.Our children needs professional educators and parents outstanding training.

  163. Betty says:

    Vote with your heart

  164. Rhoda says:

    Please vote for The Women’s Home. This organization does wonderful work and has helped many women rebuild their lives and reunite their families.

  165. Julie says:

    So many great causes to only choose one. Hope you win Neuhaus!

  166. Brandee Vasquez says:

    Go Epilepsy Foundation!

  167. Brigitte says:

    Thank you Houston SPCA, I voted with my heart and voted for you, God Bless you all.

  168. kimberly says:

    Voted for Neuhaus Education Center. They truly care about our children’s future!
    Go team Neuhaus!!!

  169. Laura T says:

    Like Kevin McHale’s daughter – my sister died too young from Lupus. Lupus is a brutal killer and there is simply not enough research or education. Go Lupus Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Veriel says:

    Vote for the Lupus foundation, my daughter got diagnose at age of 20, and we would like to have her around for many years. This donation would help with the necessary research that is needed to fight..Go team Lupus.

  171. ERIC says:

    Yay, Texas Center for the Missing, Amber Alerts and Internet safety!

  172. Marialourdes says:

    Animal lovers! vote for CAP

  173. Robert Pelle says:

    Vote for Lupus Foundation. Lupus devestates those who have it. It has no cure. The current treatments are almost as devestating to patients. Until just recently, there hasn’t been a new treatment since the 1950’s. Help us find a cure. Someone I love has Lupus.

  174. Matt says:

    All of these are good organizations! I voted for Child Advocates as I’ve personally witnessed what a difference it can make in a child’s life. These Advocates have dedicated their lives to stand behind the children in this city who are helpless, and provide the voice for these children, ensuring they obtain every chance at a bright future regardless of their current situation. I can say I’m very proud of these individuals, as they do a job that most are unwilling or unable to do.

  175. alma skefich says:

    For all you Mothers out there fighting to keep your children healthy, stay strong!!!!! I pray for your courage to cary you through this tough time…I lost one battle.

  176. Melissa says:

    Please VOTE for Parent Project Muscular Dstrophy(PPMD). To help them in finding a cure and curing Duchenne once in for all. I have lost two brothers to this disease and have a 10 year old son who is fighting this disease everyday and pray they find the cure in his life time, so please vote them!!!

  177. Ana Ramirez says:

    please support education.ANA RAMIREZ

  178. connie avila says:


  179. Carolyn Williams says:

    Their strategies are outstanding and the training are very knowledgeable

  180. Mike says:

    This is a list of wonderful organizations that have a heart for others in desperate need. Each deserves our support. Personally, from experience, my heart is for the thirsty of the world. I have found an organization that provides for the most basic and essential of needs – clean water. The needs in this country are important, but the needs of the developing world are desperate. Clean water impacts every aspect of their lives. Education, health, sanitation, economics are all impacted by a cup of clean water. There is no other way in which I can make my dollar count more for those in need. Congratulations, Living Water International.

  181. Roger says:

    Been Volunteering at Bo’s Place for nearly 7 years. They are an awesome charity and fill a badly underserved and often overlooked need.

    • Chris says:

      So true! All are so deserving and all are wonderful organizations. My vote goes for Bo’s Place – an incredible organization that helps so many during their darkest hours to find hope and happiness again and go on to share that with so many others.

  182. michelle says:

    thank you SPCA

  183. Patricia N Johnson says:

    Although I know other charities are doing great things, we are very proud of our organization and we know what they do

  184. Yolanda Hall says:

    I suffer with Lupus; Go Lupus Foundation!!!!!!!!! We need your vote!!!!!

  185. Patricia N Johnson says:

    My family and myself have been affected by the deadly disease “cancer”, sickle cell and other castostrophic diseases and we definitely support the cause.

  186. Jennifer C. says:

    Neuhaus is a wonderful organization! They help children with dyslexia. Go Team Neuhaus!

  187. D'Ann says:

    Houston SPCA gets my vote! Abused, injured, abandoned animals have no one to help them but compassionate people. Volunteering your time as well as contributing financially can turn a scared, abandoned, starving animal into a loving, loyal family pet!

  188. Lisa Jury says:

    Please vote for Presbyterian Childrens Home and Services. The funds would help make a difference . PCHS and St. John’s Presyterian Church have partnered to build 2 four plex’s on our church campus to help Single Mom’s make a better life for themselves and thier children!

  189. chris says:

    I wish I could vote for more than one , I had to choose SPCA , they do a great job.

  190. So exciting to see so many charities involved in a great cause! I have invested a great amount of time in trainning at Neuhaus Education Center. Their program for Dyslexic Practitioners & Therapists is amazing! They are reaching so many children & adults to overcome reading difficulties, which we all know can lead to problems in all areas of life! Reading is a gift & Neuhaus is spreading this gift to people across our country by either helping people at their center or by training others to go out and build fluent readers! Thank you Neuhaus!

  191. anna says:

    Voted for the National MS Society. As a person with MS I am very thankful for all of their resources and dedication to finding a cure. My son needs his mom to be able to be mobile and keep up with him.

  192. matt lloyd says:

    Save our boy group fantastic

  193. Deborah McCall says:

    Child Advocates is working at turning the tide of familial dysfunction by giving “Voices” to abused children and providing a chance for families to heal and making a huge difference in our world. I choose to give my vote to Child Advocates, “heroes” of the abused.

  194. Alyssa says:

    I spent the summer in Houston this past year an I worked in the medical center for a hospital on the overnight shift. On my days off I volunteered at the Houston SPCA. I loved it and all the animals I got I help and spend time with. Go HSPCA!

  195. Sharon says:

    Please vote for Citizens Animal Protection. I am a volunteer and a foster parent. They truly care about the animals. Many of these animals need a second chance and they make that happen. I wish I could vote more than one time, but because I can not please support the CAP.

  196. M Tolentino says:

    Vote for Bo’s Place!!! It is a wonderful place that helps children through the grief process after losing a parent or sibling, as well as helping the parents through this most difficult time. It was a great place for me to go to for support after tragically losing my 6 year old daughter. I love Bo’s Place!!!!!!!

    • J de Souza says:

      Hear! Hear! My family is deeply indebted to Bo’s Place. We attended group sessions regularly for several years after the tragic death of my wife more than a decade ago, and Bo’s Place helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that life is still worth living to the full, even after such a disaster. My children were aged 10, 7 and 5 at the time. My middle son, Pedro, now 18, ran the Houston Marathon this year for Bo’s Place.

  197. Kacey says:

    St.Jude is amazing !!!!!!!! Please vote for not only helping find cures and saving children but the knowledge St.Jude shares with ALL is so helpful to everyone around the world .

  198. Malinna says:

    I voted for Bo’s Place. If you dont know Bo’s Place, they are a group dedicated to helping children cope with and recover from the death of an immediate family , such as a mother, father, sibling. They change the lives of children who are at great risk due to the tragedies they have faced. Please consider voting for them….

  199. Vote for San Jose Clinic!!!

  200. Alan Parker says:

    Bo’s Place is teh BEST!!!

  201. Ann says:

    Go San José Clinic!!!

  202. Rebecca says:

    Epilepsy Foundation Texas is doing a lot of great work! It is a joy to see all the kids at camp each year!

  203. Kelly says:

    Go Child Advocates Inc.!!

  204. Beatrice (Beechie) Kampmann says:

    Center Beechie Kampmann says that the Neuhaus Education Center does a remarkable job in saving individuals who would be lost through the cracks without the wonderful instruction provided by this organization.

  205. Jill A says:

    The Sunshine Kids is truly a remarkable organization – providing love and care and lots of memorable moments for children going through cancer treatments. They make the best use of my donations!

  206. Maria Cervantes says:

    please help to find the cure for Lupus, support the Lupus Foundation, God Bless

  207. Battles says:

    Right now with this world so unsettling child advocacy will make the different between success and failure of today’s youth

  208. Joe Paul says:

    I am voting for Neighborhood Centers Inc. The amazing changes they make in the lives of Houstonians in need is truly remarkable. Don’t beleive me? Take a look for yourself.

  209. Pingback: Vote for G.W. Bailey’s Sunshine Kids Foundation to win $50,000! |

  210. KEN MOSE says:


  211. Peter McLaughlin says:

    The Parish School helps kids with fixable learning issues. These kids would otherwise fail and/or become outcasts. Getting these precious kids on track is hugely important for them, for their families, and for our society.

  212. Liana Frayne says:

    G.W. Bailey’s Sunshine Kids Foundation has touched so many children’s lives who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. This is an amazing charity that has been built with loving caring people trying to make a difference in the lives of terminally ill children. 100% Dependant on donations Sunshine Kids Foundation deserves your vote as well!

  213. Jonathan Day says:

    NCI has the broadest reach and the deepest impact of any non-profit in the Houston area.

  214. Gay Ann Gustafson says:

    I’m supporting Buffalo Bayou Partnership for a donation from Chevron because of the beauty BBP is bringing to everyone in Houston as they create new possibilities for parks and trails from Shepherd through downtown.

  215. Harry morse says:

    Run for the animals.

  216. Cindy Kimmey says:

    Buffalo Bayou Partnership has so many great initiatives underway for the transformation and revitalization of Buffalo Bayou, Houston’s greatest natural resource. Vote BBP!

  217. Angel Robison says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a great hospital for kids that are battling cancer and life treating illness. No Parents are ever persented with a bill. The treatment, housing, food, and the traveling is taking care of. And St. Jude is able to do this because of people world wide that supports them. It is 1.8 million dollars a day to run the hospital and most of that is coverd with contributions. So, that is why my vote goes to St. Jude. :)

  218. Tom Leighton says:

    The HSPCA does such a great job taking care of abused animals! I will continue to support them when I can. I hope that others will see just what these folks do when watching Animal Planet.

  219. Tom Berg says:

    Memorial Park Conservancy has my vote. The trees we plant will live past our time here and shelter future generations of Texans and critters. But only if we help replant due to the devastation of the drought. Save the park!

  220. Betty says:

    Don’t let a child go hungry in 2013! Vote for the Houston Food Bank.

  221. Pam Barnett says:

    The Houston SPCA is my favorite charity organization. They take in not only dogs and cats but bears and donkeys. I even took a baby squirrel there. What a great organization!

  222. Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) needs your vote. It’s all about the animals!

  223. iraida says:

    i hope everybody enjoy this Christmas,big huge

  224. Jim K says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, located in Memphis, Tenn., is one of the world’s premier pediatric cancer research centers. Its mission is to find cures for children with cancer and other deadly diseases through research and treatment. During its nearly 50-year history, St. Jude pioneered the bench-to-bedside model in advancing the care and treatment of catastrophically ill children and developed groundbreaking protocols for providing outpatient pediatric cancer care. St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to 80 percent today.
    • No family ever pays St. Jude for anything – Treatment, food, lodging and travel are provided free for the child and one parent.
    • During the past five years, 81 cents of every dollar received has supported the research and treatment at St. Jude.
    • St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and from around the world.
    • Research findings at St. Jude are shared freely with doctors and scientists all over the world.
    • The medical and scientific staff published more than 680 articles in academic journals in 2010, more than any other pediatric cancer research center in the United States. St. Jude’s researchers are published and cited more often in high impact publications than any other private pediatric oncology institution in America.
    • St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to 80 percent today.
    • In 1962, the survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood cancer, was 4 percent. Today, the survival rate for this once deadly disease is 94 percent, thanks to research and treatment protocols developed at St. Jude.
    • St. Jude was the first institution to produce a cure for sickle cell disease with a bone marrow transplant and has one of the largest pediatric sickle cell disease programs in the country.
    • St. Jude was the first center to receive government approval for a unique transplant procedure that makes it possible for parents who are not exact matches to be bone marrow donors for their children.
    • St. Jude was the first pediatric cancer research center to develop treatment that proved effective in raising the survival rate of patients with neuroblastoma, the second most common solid tumor in children, to more than 50 percent.
    • St. Jude’s basic cancer research not only saves children, but also provides discoveries that are beneficial to the research and treatment of certain adult cancers.

  225. Tina says:

    HSPCA! You guys rock!! Keep up the great work, our furry friends need you!!!!! xxoo

  226. Thank you Chevron… These are all really important organizations. We have a chance to do two things in this world; help realize potential, or help reduce unnecessary suffering. Nonprofits are devoted to these purposes …. I have devoted my life to working for everyone to have an opportunity to work for a better future. And I believe NEIGHBORHOOD CENTERS does this best. FOR GOOD. Thanks to everyone who has given, supported, voted, or volunteered for any nonprofit.

  227. Donna Rosette says:

    Donna Rosette says:
    December 20, 2012 @ 4:10pm

    Susan G. Komen – Houston the best foundation in the world! GO PINK!!

  228. David Deaver says:

    All good causes and deserving help, but this is the time to remember the Cratchits in our midst.

  229. Ursula Facchini says:

    Thank you Houston SPCA for helping the abused, neglegted and voiceless animals. They need our help now more then ever. Thank you and God bless!

  230. Linda says:

    I voted for The Houston SPCA

  231. nicinhouston says:

    Vote for San Jose Clinic because they provide quality healthcare and education to those with limited access to such services in an environment which respects the dignity of each person every day of the year!!!!!!!

  232. Diana says:

    I voted for Chikd Advocates, for giving a voice to children who are innocent victims caught in the cycle of abuse and helping to find loving, safe and permanent homes for the kids they serve.

  233. Cindy Garbs says:

    Bo’s place is a blessing to the entire family!

  234. David W. Robinson says:

    So many excellent choices, but I love their great work on our northern boundary in Neartown / Montrose. Let’s hear it for the Buffalo Bayou Partnership!!!

  235. Janice says:

    I have 4 rescue dogs (one from the SPCA) and 3 rescue cats. Cats own the house and let us and the dogs live here as long as I keep food and water dishes full, and their box clean!

    The dogs are so great, different personalities, and found a forever home with us. Each. One arrive sick in different ways, had trouble trusting, and afraid to hope they found a home. Lucy, small shepherd mix, hated to go outside because she was afraid we would not. Let her back in. For a long time I had to stay in the yard with her then walk her back inside. Now she enjoys being out and knows I will always let her in. Molly was chained next door all winter with no house or shelter. When I had enough, I told the owner to give me the dog or I would report them to the SPCA. They said it would. Not be necessary—–they really have clout !!! They gave her to me with a statement I was now the owner of the dog. The other dogs also have sad tales, but are now happy and so are we. The SPCA rescues thousands of animals and I hope you will contact them when you decide to bring a pet into your family

  236. Cindy Whigham says:

    Absolutely the Sunshine Kids!!!!

  237. Adrienne Duncum says:

    I voted for the epilepsy foundation of Texas. I have had epilepsy since I was 12 and only recently extensively researched it because I was ready to have an active voice in educating others, because epilepsy is the least researched neurological and medical disorder and yet more people die from epilepsy than cancer. And the fact we are not different from other people and don’t want to be discriminated against.

    • Suzie Wilson says:

      Adrienne, I am happy to read your post!! My daughter just started having seizures a year ago when she was 12 from absence and now the grand mal. I have been researching it trying to figure out if there is something I can do. I am trying fish oil and other things but it’s ony been a month. I have been reading more about how people do die from this disorder than most people realize. I hate to think that my baby is at risk with this. Keep strong!! I am happy that I found this foundation and hope that more like you will voice this to others, as I believe many do not know about epilepsy.
      God Bless You and Merry Christmas!!

  238. Wendy Roseberry says:

    This is for my Momma Pheobe. I Live You.

  239. Jo says:

    I vote for the Neuhaus Teacher Education Center. Their effect on the education of dyslexic individuals is far-reaching.

  240. Jo Ann Grooms says:

    Please vote for Avondale House! They serve the autism population that even our school systems can’t serve. Individuals with severe autism from early childhood to adults. So much is needed to help our families and our children and they are one of the very few who do serve them well.

  241. Amy says:

    Epilepsy Foundation does great work!! I voted for them..

  242. Erin says:

    Way to go Bo’s Place!! You offer an amazing service to the Houston community and you would put the $50,000 donation to such wonderful use.

  243. Nell Donna Stevens says:

    I would like to vote for the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas . I don’t know what I would do without this organization .

  244. La Toya says:

    Go Child Advocates!!!!!!

  245. Ranelle says:

    Good luck Epilepsy Foundation of Texas!

  246. Tequila says:

    Good luck Lupus Foundation!

  247. Chad. S says:

    Chevron should give all the foundations a big donation!

  248. Diane Soltner says:

    Please vote for CAP ~Citizend for Animal Protection~ we are a non-profit no kill animal shelter. I am a volunteer there and last weekend we adopted out 79 animals to forever homes…please help us help homeless animals find forever loving homes….Thank You!

  249. Sally Gaines says:

    Voting for the Child Advocates as these children need a voice to speak for them.

  250. Katie Zachritz says:

    Vote for CAP – Citizens for Animal Protection! “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being.” – Abraham Lincoln

  251. Pam North says:

    Help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Animals are God’s creatures too! Please vote for CAP – Citizens for Animal Protection!

  252. Katie says:

    Go Living Water International!!!

  253. Steven says:

    Go Living Water!!!

  254. Leo M says:

    Lets vote for San Jose Clinic! ! ! !

  255. Rich Reaves says:

    No injustice takes more lives than a lack of clean water, and about 750 million need it to survive. And check this, only $1.00 gives clean water, or gives life, to a thirsty brother or sister for one full year. So, skip the dollar menu and save a life, literally.

  256. janetmaines says:

    Living Water International is an amazing ministry. Read about them:

  257. Jackie Brown says:

    Let’s go LUPUS! We need more awareness :)

  258. 3dori says:

    Living Water International ALLTHE WAY!

  259. Carol DiRenzo says:

    Good luck CAP!

  260. Zach says:

    Bow Wow Wow! (H-SPCA)

  261. Hengil Rodriguez says:

    Vote for “Down Syndrome Association of Houston” and help our programs for our kids and young adults.

  262. Terrie says:

    Vote for the Sunshine Kids!! My beloved daughter got to go with them to Hawaii before she passed from cancer!! Sunshine kids rock!!!!! :)

  263. Stacey Watts says:

    Down Syndrome Association!

  264. Angela Williams says:

    Always willing!!!!

  265. Sylvia says:

    let us be there voice

  266. Kat says:

    PDAP, all the way.

  267. Judy Hausler says:

    Please Vote For CAP they are the voice for animals in need. We appreciate what you do !

  268. Quania Anderson says:

    Vote CAP!!!

  269. Trixiegirl5192 says:

    Go C.A.P.!!!

  270. Joy Ann LeVelle says:

    Vote for CAP….I did.

  271. Kathy Wolf says:

    Please Vote for CAP -Citizens for Animal Protection. I got 2 “Fur Babies” from them in the past. They are awesome about protecting animals and have a caring heart. Plus they use their money wisely to make it stretch. This is a Houston based group that helps animals in need here locally. They don’t have a big national organization to back them.

  272. Dawn McCarty says:

    GO NCI!!

  273. Irvin Hood says:

    Please Vote for CAP -Citizens for Animal Protection.

  274. Chris R says:

    Go CAP

  275. Brenda Deschner says:

    Brenda D.
    I vote for CAP. All three of our cats came from there. They are great caring people.

  276. Suzie Wilson says:

    My 13 year old daughter Meagan just started having Absence Seizures a year ago and it has since progressed to the Grand Mal seizures a month ago. My vote and all my friends and family’s votes go to the Epilepsy Foundation!! While I know all of these great causes are all equally deserving, I must vote for the one that is hitting home right now! I wish all of the foundations the best of luck in this contest and any other fundraiser to help support their cause!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  277. Kerri says:

    Bo’s Place helped me and my daughter make it through a very difficult loss in our life. Bo’s Place taught us that everyone grieves differently and helped us find the strenght to carry on. The staff at Bo’s is amazing. I’m not sure what we would have done with out them.

  278. Usha Kala says:

    I vote CAP. They are doing a great work.

  279. Holly says:

    Vote for Best Buddies Texas! They are all such great kids!

  280. Dorothy Ginsberg says:

    Let’s support our fine friends with Muscular Dystrophy!

  281. Nirju Tailor says:

    Vote for CAPS!!

  282. Lydia Chang says:

    Go CAP!

  283. Kristina says:

    I voted St Jude!!! God bless any place who is as caring as them! They are Angels who help our children fight cancer and give them a second chance when no one else does. A vote for St Jude’s hospital is a vote to help giving a second chance regardless if a families ability to pay for all children who have been diagnosed with cancer and need help. My prayers go to all the charities but my vote was made based on which one touches not just my heart but those all over.

  284. Brenda says:

    Please vote for the Down Syndrome Association of Houston!

  285. Tommy and Ayden! says:

    Cade for President!!

  286. Laura says:


  287. Roger Drushel says:

    I have gotten two loving animals from CAP. Animals depend on the caring & generosity of people. They are helpless without us.hav

  288. Tammy says:

    Thank you Reach Unlimited for all you do!!

  289. Diana Rutherford says:

    Too many of us are suffering with this disease. It’s time we step out of the closet and bring more awareness to Parkinson’s. We have to help each other. Help support HAPS ! Go to the HAPS site and support our team, D&D Walkers for HAPS.

  290. Holly says:

    GO CAP! For the animals who so need our help. They are so often the forgotten ones.

  291. mel says:

    Bringing a smile to a child is priceless. Giving a child one day to be normal is a gift that makes that doesn’t heave a price, but it should be a top priority.

  292. Kathleen Simon says:

    The Houston Center for Literacy is an amazing organization!

  293. Linda Griffin says:

    I voted Houston SPCA. Dogs are truly a woman’s best friend. Got my late Dachshund there 15 1/2 years ago. He was the best dog anyone can ask for. He went to Dog’s Heaven in October, leaving a big empty hole in my heart.

  294. Carol smith says:

    To give these precious CFchildren and their families hope and joy!

  295. Robin Conner says:

    I voted for Bo’s Place because they give so much comfort to siblings and families that are grieving for a sibling. This place is so important to the community and deserves to win!

  296. Team Jacob says:

    Please vote for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. Jacob has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We run for him and all the boys with DMD.

  297. Lori Peterson says:

    I’m a CAP lover !! I adopted 2 kittens 4 years ago and 2 puppies last year ! This organization provides a huge service to all of the unwanted animals that are looking for somebody to love them !!!! Adopt a new family member today !!!!!

  298. Rebecka says:

    My son has epilepsy they have my vote.

  299. Ken Monroig says:

    Lupus took my Daughter and left my Son without a Wife and their Son without a Mother. Let’s not let this happen to another family. Vote to make Lupus a terrible memory.

  300. Ana Lopez says:

    My daughter and I have Lupus we need more research to help stop this terrible deceased I support the Lupus foundation

  301. Meiying says:

    My vote is for Lupus!!! I love my sister <3

  302. Sherry Williams says:

    My vote is forLupus, a deadly hard to understand and treat disease. I love my daughter!

  303. This is for all who suffer from Epilepsy including there is not research for this disease

  304. Stephanie says:

    Life is a gift, give it!

  305. AL MOREHEAD says:


  306. rohan says:

    we humans have taken the whole world and animals have no where to live or walk, and I admire this institute which try to bring some comfort to these citizens of this world

  307. Donna Abel says:

    Run Sara Run.

  308. My vote is for Citizens for Animal Protection ( CAP ) . This awesome organization gets NO funding except from fund raisers and donations–the ‘adoption fees’ come nowhere close to paying for what adopters receive when they open their hearts and homes to give a forever home to an animal . Houston has a HUGE problem with ‘stray dogs and cats’ ( MANY of whom were ‘dumped’/abandoned by their owners ), as well as an enormous number of abused and neglected animals: CAP does everything in its power to find loving homes for the animals in its care, and ‘speaking for those who have no voice’ .

  309. Our son, Caleb, has been a patient at St. Jude for over 10 years. I cannot tell you the burden that was lifted from our shoulders the day we walked through the front doors and was told not to worry about a bill, just focus on saving our baby. God walks the halls of this amazing hospital. He was with us 10 years ago when he led us here, and he continues to hold us through the hard times, as St. Jude continues to fight for us.

  310. Srinivas Kottu says:

    St Jude Childrens Research Hospital (SJCRH) is the only Hope on Earth to children’s who are suffering with severe Catastrophic diseases and not to pay even one penny out of their pocket for all their expenses including treatment.
    So Let’s vote for SJCRH!!

  311. Barbara says:

    All wonderful causes! Pink Ribbons Project is my vote. They spend their funds in the Houston Area in service to those with breast cancer.


    Voted for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy org. Their advocacy work as well as the research support is priceless for your DMD sons, that still stays without a cure.
    Please vote for Parent Project Muscular Dytrophy to support finding an weapon against DMD, unmet need of our kids.

    Thank You,

  313. Leticia says:

    All of these organizations are beautiful. However, I voted for the Lupus Foundation of America because my sister suffers from lupus. Lupus is often overlooked. Let’s educate our communities on the severity of Lupus.

  314. Karen says:

    I voted for CAP because of the wonderful care they give to all animals. I adopted my dog from CAP and it was one of the best desicions i ever made. Animals bring so much joy to our lives whether we are old or young, rich or poor, healthy or ill…they love us unconditionally. Let’s support the shelter for all they do.

  315. Pat Cade says:

    Go Epilepsy Foundation. You do so much for people with epilepsy.

  316. Karen E says:

    So many worthwhile choices. But I supported the Alzheimer’s Association because those afflicted with this disease did nothing to cause them to get it! They are innocent victims, as are their families. My boss’s mother has Alzheimer’s, my mother-in-law had it, and I pray that a preventative or a cure is found.

  317. Jeanine Price says:

    As home to the the world class MD Anderson Cancer center, the Houston area has first hand knowledge of the effects of cancer on a family that are beyond just the treatment and its side effects. Often a family loses their jobs, insurance, home, etc. as they fight this terrible disease. This is why I am begging for all to support the life-saving institution of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital where families face their greatest fear as their child fights for life against the most catastropic forms of childhood cancer. These families come to St Jude to receive cutting edge treatment therapies and without having to worry about the cost. St Jude takes care of the cost and the family’s necessities while they are in the midst of one of the greatest trials of their lives. St Jude is supported by donations so please give to St Jude so these faimilies can continue to have this life-changing option.

  318. Maureen says:

    Our daughter runs races in support of leukemia lymphoma society. We vote for them. There are so many worthwhile causes, but we know so many people young and old who have been affected by this terrible disease in one form or another. Please help support them

  319. rhonda collins says:

    Go Covenant House Texas.

  320. Ann Weiss says:

    I vote for Bo’a Place!!

  321. Matt Ennis says:

    St. Jude all the way. Help end childhood cancer FTK For The Kidd!!!

  322. Penny says:

    Child Advocates is in the business of protecting our future. Please show your support for Child Advocates and encourage your family and friends to do so.
    Children are a blessing and indeed are our future. I love the lyrics to:
    “Greatest Love Of All”

    I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

  323. Marti Hockaday says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has my vote always! My dear friend is there now as her 2 yr old is in the ICU fighting for his life from infants refractory leukemia & the effects treatment has had on his little organs. Good luck to all charities though.

  324. Vote for St Jude, a wonderful hospital doing wonderful things.

  325. Marcella Brunell says:

    Vote for St. Jude, help them end childhood cancer.

  326. meagan sances says:

    I voted for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy for our nephew whom we love with all our heart

  327. veronica says:

    Let’s go Houston.

  328. Tara says:

    Go St. Jude~!

  329. Robert spain says:

    The Buffalo Bayou Partnership has done an extradinary job of not only bringing attention to the Bayou as a natural urban area that can be restored to a urban gem, but they have also done an
    exceptional job of creating an outreach program that not only informs the public about the importance of the bayouj but also hosts a year-round calendar of events to shoiwcase the bayou.

  330. Jim Webb says:

    Great work folks!

  331. BBDNHT says:

    I voted for 3A Bereavement Foundation. 3ABF is a wonderful organization that has done so much to help many grieving families in their time of need. 3A’s services range from financial assistance to a smile or a needed hug. Thank you 3A . . . Keep up the good work. You are needed.

  332. Sandra Walker says:

    All are great charities, but my vote is for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital !!!

  333. Molly says:

    Houston Area Parkinson’s Society is a great organization and has helped my husband and me immeasurably. We are so grateful!

  334. Cindy Mire says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is unique because it not only treats children with catastrophic cancer free of charge it also shares it’s life saving research with the entire world.

  335. Karen Damico says:

    What a wonderful way to support any of a number of wonderful charities! Great idea.

    • Grandpa D says:

      I agree, this is a great idea. They are all deserving, so people please don’t say that my charity is more deserving. Please vote and also try to make a donation of time or money to your charity.

  336. karren says:

    I Hope you win because and helping the animals in the socity!

  337. Charlotte Chandler says:

    Feed the world through Houston Food Bank fighting to stop hunger .. loving and caring people volunteering to save lives…vote fir Houston Food Bank … yeah! Charlotte Chandler

  338. Fran says:

    Vote for St. Jude…it is the BEST pediatric oncology hospital in the world !

  339. Carmen says:

    Please vote for St. Jude. I work for this wonderful organization. It is so good to see the happiness on the children’s faces and the peace that the parents have in coming here.

  340. Denise says:

    Please vote for St. Jude………who’s mission is to treat every child with cancer regardless of their ability to pay. Vote for the children!

  341. Sandra says:

    Vote for St Jude…a great place to work and a great hospital for pediatric care!

  342. Eric Swainson says:

    Go Alzheimer’s Association

  343. Lana Hare says:

    My daughter was hospitalized when she was 5 weeks old. We had no money for gas to travel back and forth and no money for food. Ronald McDonald House opened their doors-and their pantry to us and made our stay as comfortable as possible. I try to make it a point to give back to them when I can.

  344. Lauren Brown says:

    For anyone that has had a baby or child have to stay in the intensive care units at the hospital for an extended period of time (in our case 3 months) the Ronald McDonald House at Texas Children’s Hospital is a magical place. You are terrified for your child, sleep-deprived, and feeling the opposite of normal. The RMcD House provides privacy, beds to sleep on (when you actually stop fighting the urge to stay awake at all costs watching your child), it provides volunteers with warm hearts and sympathetic tones, and meals for people who forget to eat. This place is a beautiful charity and changes lives everyday. I will never be thankful enough for what this place represents and how smart of an idea this RMcD House is for suffering families with sick children. Please vote for this charity!!!

  345. LeAnne says:

    I voted for Citizens for Animal Protection.

  346. Juana says:

    Juana says
    I voted for St. Jude so we can contiune finding that cure and saving the children

  347. Betty Gregory says:

    My vote is for 3ABereavement because, having lost a number of close family members, including a daughter, sister, brother & father, I understand on a personal level the need for these types of service. It helps to have acess to personal service from someone who genuinely cares. That would be the appropriate description for the founder, Michelle Lara. She embraces God’s purpose & vision for her life in a most profound way – by reaching out to grieving families with all of the heart, passion, and resources she can muster. I truly wish I could vote more than once.

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  349. Karla Seyb-Stockton says:

    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society all the way. As a thriver with CLL and daughter of a woman who was taken by Multiple Myeloma, LLS gets my vote (and my participation as a volunteer!)

  350. Tricia says:

    My daughter has down syndrome. DSAH has my vote!

  351. Betty C Holloman says:

    Betty C Holloman says:
    St Jude Children’s Research Hospital all the way! I see the miracles each and everyday! Let’s all get together for St Jude!

  352. Lori says:

    Please vote for the Lupus Foundation. It is a devastating disease that affects millions of families. There is no known cause or cure. My mom died from it and I also have it. I’m praying my sons do not get it. Please help us.

  353. Doug says:

    Bering OMEGA SERVICES provides needed services to thousands of young people. it assist by supporting them in finding food, shelter, warm clothes, job finding assistance, and in general to try to get them off the streets into a safe place to become self sufficient productive community citizens of Houston.

  354. Lisa Funston says:

    Go Living Water International!!

  355. Andres Castillo says:

    Yes Prep!!

  356. Sara Crowder says:

    Please vote for Reach Unlimited, a growing community for adults with disabilities.

  357. Please vote for CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) They do such good works here!

    • mimi chovan (bowden) says:

      Wonderful folks! “Bless the beasts..(sic) Give them shelter from the storm, Keep them safe, Keep them warm…..” (K. Carpenter, rip)

  358. Lydia Castelar says:

    Houston Center for Literacy

  359. Mona Lara says:

    Good luck 3 “A” Bereavement Foundation….

  360. Lori says:

    Please vote for child advocates!!! There are so many neglected and abused children out there with no voice. I am here to be their voice. Please join this cause today. I am a childhood trauma survivor so I know first hand what these children go through. They need us to CARE. Anyone who can, please become a CASA (court appointed special advocate) today. I am in the process of becoming one. Please join me!

  361. Amanda says:

    My vote is for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The five-year survival rate for patients with leukemia has nearly quadrupled in the last 50 years thanks to the blood cancer research funded by LLS. However, there is a long way to go to find a cure. Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children and young adults under the age of 20. Cast you vote for LLS today, and together we can be part of a cure for blood cancers.

  362. If I were allowed more than one vote, I’d vote for all of these causes because each is important to sustaining life. But, since I can only vote for one, my vote goes to Ronald McDonald House because it is the one which I know personally supported a young couple as their baby became a transplant recipient and also comforted the family when they lost their first born child.

  363. Ariel Hessing says:

    I run marathons for charity in the U.S. and overseas. ‘Chevron Houston’ is one of my favorite marathons of all time for a few different reasons. a) It has a flat, super-fast course; b) The weather is typically quite good at racetime;and c) It is realtively easy to gain sponsorship to run this race for charity. I will be running the ‘Chevron Houston Marathon’ in 2013 on behalf of ‘United Way’; ‘Salvation Army’; ‘Bread for the World’; and ‘Cross International’. Good luck to everyone who will be running the race in 2013. God bless and God speed.

  364. charles says:

    I voted for St. Judes they helped my nephew with his cancer

  365. Sarah Johnson says:

    I have voted for 3 “A” because in a time when it is hard fund your medical needs it is good to know there is a foundation that will assist a family burying their loved ones.Most people do not think about the stress of burying a loved one without the needed funds until it happen. That is why this foundation is so importance.

  366. Frnaces Dornan says:

    I voted for Neighborhood Centers Inc. because I have seen the MAJOR far-reaching difference FOR GOOD that this non-profit has made to the Houston Community. Neighborhood Centers Inc has an intelligent, dynamic, and caring leader with integrity and vision. I know that any funds that go to Neighborhood Centers will be WELL SPENT for the good of Houston citizens: all cultures, all ages!!!!

  367. Shelby Wilson says:

    My Niece has DS and I know this foundation helps her and my family with her needs tremendously!!

  368. Gina says:

    Vote for Houston SPCA !!!! Vote for the ones that can not speak for themselves !!!!

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  370. Dora says:

    Best of Luck to Neighborhood Ceners Inc all the way from Arkansas!

  371. Judith Forte' Allen, daughter says:

    I have been a part of the care for my mom for seven years as she fights the demons of Dementia, Alzheimer’s. Hopefully, additional help will benefit the quality of life for victims of this condition. She is depressed, anxious, and sees odd things daily; therefore, she does not trust or listens to suggestions or recommendations that would affect her life of discomfort. We feel defeated because we have not been successful with comforting her through this journey.

    • mimi chovan (bowden) says:

      Judith, believe me. You are having greater success than you’ll ever know. Your mom’s eyes and responses may not be able to be read as positive, but there’s deeper awareness and comfort that your love and care bring to her. Blessings and strength of body and spirit to your family. Sincerely, mimiRN

  372. mimi chovan (bowden) says:

    Wonderful causes all, but my vote is for Vanessa’s Big Heart Foundation! Yay T.M.!!

  373. Dog Lover says:

    Please vote for the animals that cannot vote for themselves. They need a voice and the Houston SPCA can provide the voice. The Houston SPCA does great work for all animals. They really need the money.

  374. Laura Gustafson says:

    I am voting for the CAP animals. All are worthy causes.

  375. Bonnie Block-Lee says:

    So many good charities but Houston SPCA gets my vote. Dedicated strongly to the animals that need help in Texas.

  376. Melissa says:

    My vote is for the Houston SPCA!

  377. Shirley W. says:

    98% of the charities receive milliions of dollars each year; however, charities which work with animals are on the bottom of the list. Please vote for the Houston SPCA or CAP – both perform miracles with little money.

  378. Angie says:

    Please help the animals of our community by voting for the S.P.C.A.

  379. Angie says:

    Please vote for the SPCA. Animals need a voice too.

  380. Go Sunshine Kids!! Helping Kids with cancer smile and just be Kids again :)

  381. Made says:

    Please, vote for SPCA!!!

  382. Sandra says:

    So many great causes! WAY TO GO CHEVRON!

  383. Regina says:

    I voted for Houston SPCA

  384. Ploy Kamonsin says:

    I voted for Houston SPCA all the way!

  385. Lupe Martinez says:

    Go Spaulding For children! A tiny organization that does BIG things!

  386. April Romero says:

    CAP! CAP! CAP! Been a volunteer for almost a year now. Wonderful people with wonderful hearts helping wonderful animals. I very much support the SPCA, but CAP is home<3

  387. Joseph Pensiero says:

    St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! No child should ever have to suffer this way and St. Jude’s does not turn anyone away based on cost!

  388. nick byassee says:

    These are all great. Please vote for something close to your heart. I am fond of St.Jude’s. Please take the time to vote. Thanks

  389. Teresa Cornelius says:

    Always in favor of children’s research. :)

  390. Lexi says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!! What a wonderful place!! Saving children all over the world with no cost to the families. They are a great cause.

  391. Janice says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital !!!

  392. I vote St. Judes Hospital all the way . My husband and I are partners in hope and will continue to be as long as God allows . We love children and they need us .

  393. Margie Pena says:

    Please vote for Neighborhood Centes Inc. People transforming communities for GOOD!

  394. Sheila says:

    Let’s stop Childhood Cancer… St. Jude is our best hope!!

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, located in Memphis, Tenn., is one of the world’s premier pediatric cancer research centers. Its mission is to find cures for children with cancer and other deadly diseases through research and treatment. During its nearly 50-year history, St. Jude pioneered the bench-to-bedside model in advancing the care and treatment of catastrophically ill children and developed groundbreaking protocols for providing outpatient pediatric cancer care. St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to 80 percent today.
    • No family ever pays St. Jude for anything – Treatment, food, lodging and travel are provided free for the child and one parent.
    • During the past five years, 81 cents of every dollar received has supported the research and treatment at St. Jude.
    • St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states and from around the world.
    • Research findings at St. Jude are shared freely with doctors and scientists all over the world.
    • The medical and scientific staff published more than 680 articles in academic journals in 2010, more than any other pediatric cancer research center in the United States. St. Jude’s researchers are published and cited more often in high impact publications than any other private pediatric oncology institution in America.
    • St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to 80 percent today.
    • In 1962, the survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood cancer, was 4 percent. Today, the survival rate for this once deadly disease is 94 percent, thanks to research and treatment protocols developed at St. Jude.
    • St. Jude was the first institution to produce a cure for sickle cell disease with a bone marrow transplant and has one of the largest pediatric sickle cell disease programs in the country.
    • St. Jude was the first center to receive government approval for a unique transplant procedure that makes it possible for parents who are not exact matches to be bone marrow donors for their children.
    • St. Jude was the first pediatric cancer research center to develop treatment that proved effective in raising the survival rate of patients with neuroblastoma, the second most common solid tumor in children, to more than 50 percent.
    • St. Jude’s basic cancer research not only saves children, but also provides discoveries that are beneficial to the research and treatment of certain adult cancers.

  395. Jacqueline Caldwell says:

    Child Advocates, INC.

  396. Kathy Carter says:

    Kathy Carter voted for Suzan G. Komen, Foundation

  397. Sonya Guidry says:

    I vote for St. Jude

  398. Liz Gregory says:

    I voted for Child Advocates

  399. brenda miranda says:

    MY VOTE FOR ST. JUDE…. all the way. :-D

  400. Rara says:

    The SPCA is a unique charity. One of the only ones helping animals. They deserve to win please show your care for the abused and neglected animals with no voice to stand up for themselves. Please! They are counting on you!

  401. Tracy says:

    Not a bad charity on that list!! But my Vote goes to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I want to see some more awareness raised for this disease and a cure for my baby and all other living with this life threating genetic disease sometime in the near future.

  402. I want to vote for the Houston SPCA! Because I want to save abused animals from death!

  403. Nina Capello says:

    I voted for SPCA all the way!! I love dogs & cats & hate them to be without a home & someone taking care of them. Poor babe’s all of them!!

  404. Faye McKee says:

    HSPCA adopt…. my vote goes to Houston SPCA

  405. Van says:

    Go Juvenile Diabetes Association. Being a diabetic myself my heart goes out to all those young children who are battling this at such young ages.

  406. Pam Kleiman says:

    There are definately some wonderful charities here! My vote is for the Houston SPCA! I volunteer there and it’s incredibly rewarding. This organization does such a wonderful job in caring for abandoned and abused animals. The care and comfort given there is priceless and this prize could do so much to continue their great work!

  407. Delilah says:

    St. Jude!! :)

  408. Christina says:

    All extremely worthy causes. My vote is for Bering Omega Community Services.

  409. Cheryl P. Donlin says:

    Breast cancer survivors (I’m one!) have a lot to be grateful for. The staff and volunteers at Pink Ribbons Project understand survivors and provide much needed support of many kinds to them and their families. Sometimes that support is financial and sometimes it is inspirational, but it always comes from the heart at Pink Ribbons Project!

  410. Susan Barnes says:

    My gosh, everyone of these charities deserves my vote. Unfortunately, my husband died with Alzheimer’s disease so they will get my one vote.

  411. Sharon Wilson says:

    SPCA is needed for those animals who cannot help themselves, whether being abandoned, or owners who can no longer care for them.

  412. Debbie Brocus says:

    I would love to vote for all of them…..but I went with Susan G. Komen…….I am a breast cancer survivor. I race for the cure in Toledo Ohio. Thank you

  413. Juliet says:

    St. Jude.


  415. Kristy Marslender says:

    I voted for St. Jude in honor of my 3 year old niece who is a St. Jude patient for life. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital gave her excellent care and saved her life when other hospitals were ready to give up on her. At St. Jude, families don’t have to pay for anything. Parents can focus completely on their child without having to worry about living expenses and medical bills. Along with their excellent care, they provide much needed HOPE. And for all that, I HOPE they win!!!

  416. Georgene says:

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time. Nearly one million people in the US are living with Parkinson’s disease. The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, your vote will support research that benefits millions suffering from such kinds of neurological disorders,
    including pets suffering from a neurological movement disorder. Please vote for HAPS where
    dollars can help more.

  417. Brenda munoz says:

    Go team!

  418. Pat says:

    St. Jude does so much for so many and share their knowledge with the world. I voted for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  419. Jane Nelson says:

    Houston SPCA do an excellent job getting animals new homes – do please support them

  420. Wenda Mitchell says:

    St. Jude has my vote…..such a remarkable place, awesome staff and amazing miraculous works. My neice is a survivor of Neuroblastoma and a St. Jude LIFE patient. I’m forever grateful for all they do for every patient.

  421. jessica says:

    I vote houston spca..

  422. Wholigan Hog says:

    St Jude has one goal, to save lives. And they do every single day.

  423. Denny Marino says:

    St.Jude has my vote. My son was a patient at St.Jude. I only wish he would still be here. But they can help other kids. So help them. You never know when it might be your child or someone you know.

  424. Sylvia Chappa says:


  425. S Chappa says:

    Child’s advocate For all the horrific situations kids go through, this is a piece of hope for them.

  426. Michelle says:

    I vote for the Epilepsy Foundation because my daughter and several family members have seizures. But all of these are good causes

  427. Christi says:

    The Epilepsy Foundation provides medicines to stop seizures for people who can’t afford these expensive medications, free camps for children with epilepsy who couldn’t go to camp otherwise, and job training for people who have seizures and their employers to help them be independent, in spite of having seizures.

  428. Robin says:

    My vote goes to the Epilepsy Foundation on Texas for my daughter who suffers with epilepsy. It really rang home for us when it was time for her to obtain a driver license. Epilepsy needs to be better understood, and hopefully eliminated.

  429. Linda Benjamin says:

    I voted for Alzheimer’s Association so that we can all know one less person in our lives battling this disease. And to also pray for a cure to prevent Alzheimer’s altogether.
    Linda B.

  430. Eileen says:

    Vote to help the innocent animales!

  431. Reshmi Mitra says:

    Please donate for this org

  432. Molly Garcia says:

    All such worthwhile causes! I wish I could vote for all of them. I’m voting for Alzheimers Association. It’s sad to watch aged people, and some not so aged, revert back to childhood. They should be able to live with dignity and respect – and not forget their way back home. We urgently need a cure.

  433. Vienna says:

    Leukemia Society will get my vote, but wish i could vote for most of these. LLS has helped my son in his time of need and heres to you LLS – and Team in Training (what a great group of friends I have made since August 2012.)

  434. Marty Miles says:

    Abused children deserve top priority in all support programs, because they have no voice and no choice. My prayers always include children and animals, and that God will severly punish those who prey upon them.

  435. Jodie says:

    In honor of my dad! Take it ALS Texas!

  436. Victoria Moore says:

    My vote is for The ALS Foundation…The ones I love may not see the cure but I pray none the less one will be found.

  437. David Chayer says:

    The ALS Association Texas Chapter is honored to be among the many worthwhile charities. We will continue to fight for ALS patients and their families and hope people will learn more about this horrific disease that takes the lives of people in Houston and across Texas. We appreciate your support and we appreciate all the support throughout the year. Thank you, Chevron, for creating this opportunity for worthwhile organizations like ours to benefit from your philanthropy. –David Chayer, Executive Director, The ALS Association Texas Chapter.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you!! Unfortunately The ALS Association does not get the recognition that many of the other organizations do. A cure won’t be found in my lifetime, but hopefully one is not too far off.

  438. Doris Ricks-Lankford says:

    I have voted for the ALS Association – I serve 250 pALSa dn they need this monetary support.

  439. Darlene says:

    Houston SPCA and the Wildlife Center of Texas help the animals that are injured or betrayed or have no one else to help them.

  440. Jennifer says:

    ALS runs in my family. I’m definitely voting for the ALS Association Texas Chapter!

  441. Denise Cormie-Strader says:

    I have lost 5 members of my family on my Dad’s side, including my Dad to ALS. No, my Mom has just been diagnosed. This organization is amazing and needs your support!

  442. veggieburger says:

    ……..2 many good choices………..but I opted 4 SPCA………..

  443. My vote went to The ALS Association Texas Chapter. My Mom passed away 4 weeks ago today from ALS. Almost one year after she was diagnosed. She was only 54 years old. Please vote! More awareness needs to be made for this horrible disease.

  444. Brynn says:

    Vote with your heart . . . I voted for all the hard work that is done by the Houston SPCA

    So many good choices and organizations, I’m glad to see so many people reply – no matter who you vote for, all these choices are winners

  445. Mae's Team--Rodriguez sector says:

    Go team Mae…

  446. Treva says:

    ALS, please.

  447. Jann says:

    Houston SPCA please !

  448. cindy baker says:

    A very close friend has ALS and we will lose him soon.We need a cure o others won’t lose a loved one. So others won ‘t die a slow, debilitating, death. Pelearse vote for ALS. Please.

  449. Donna hebner says:

    We have familial ALS….that means that we can loose many members of our family. We already have lost 7 in my life time

    • Bonnie Pirnie says:

      I lost my husband to ALS and it is a horrific disease. I can’t imagine losing 7 family members to it. We must find a cure so that other families will not have to suffer.

  450. cary says:

    to watch the person you love most in the world die of this horrific disease makes one soul break where it can never be repaired. bless all pals.

  451. Donna LYonh says:

    My husband has ALS. His initial symptoms begin two months after he retired from public school teaching. When an individual is diagnosed with ALS, it is a death sentence; most ALS patients die within 5 years of developing the disease. The ALS association has been a wonderful, helpful organization that has helped us in so many ways through this horrible disease. This association needs every dime that it can raise to find a cure to this incredibly horrible disease!

  452. Shannon says:

    So many amazing charities working hard to improve the lives of people living in our community. Thank you Chevron for not only your financial contribution, but for helping to create more awareness of all of these fantastic organizations! My vote goes to the Epilepsy Foundation…leading the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy!

  453. Tom O'Dell says:

    The Houston SPCA has given to us and now it’s time to give back

  454. charlie johnston says:


  455. Houston SPCA WAY TO GO!!!

  456. Johanna says:

    Proud employee of the Houston SPCA!

  457. Rosy says:

    Bamos por Vannesas big heart!

  458. Cindy Arzola says:

    Go Houston SPCA!!

  459. Arturo. says:

    Todos los que tenemos un gran corazon para amar y alludar a los ninos que tamvien tienen un hermoso y gran corazon , y nesesitan mantenerlo .VOTEMOS por ellos.””

  460. Cindy Arzola says:


  461. Peter Blott says:

    Go! Go! Epilepsy Foundation

  462. Heidi New-Crockford says:

    All wonderful charities, my vote is for the SPCA. We need to learn animals are NOT disposable!

  463. Edith Kyle says:

    Each of these charities are worthy of a vote, but Ronald McDonald House got my vote. I’ve seen first hand how much it means to sick children and their families.

  464. Roxanne says:

    I voted for the best charity of all, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. It is so near and dear to my heart. Help find a cure for cancer by voting for them so no one gets these horrible cancers like I did.

  465. Ana says:

    Go Houston SPCA

  466. Darlene A-H says:

    I’m voting for the Houston SPCA…my rescue group, True Hearts of Rottweiler Rescue, in Northern Illinois, was part of the rescue of the Texas 200 Rottweilers that were seized due to cruelty and neglect a couple of years ago.

  467. Kathy says:

    Houston Area Parkinsons Society – Thanks for all you do!

  468. Fred says:

    Fred says: My vote is for the Epilepsy Foundation. Their work is phantastic

  469. Each and every charity is deserving of the recognition a vote would bring. My vote went to the ALS. ALS has been shown to be more likely to occur to military veterans. As a veteran I would encourage all veterans to also give their vote to the ALS.

  470. HEATHER HARDING says:


  471. Sarah says:

    Vote YES Prep! Amazing, amazing system of schools that change the lifelong prospects for kids all over Houston.

  472. F.Duclot says:

    Vote for CAP (Citizen for Animal Protection) and support helpless creatures!

  473. Stacy Sapio says:

    VOTE ALS! You never know how horrible this disease is until someone close to you is diagnosed. There isn’t a cure and no medication to stop it’s progression.

    Love you Vic, you are in my thoughts every day.

    • Sandy says:

      Vote for Snowdrop, they support childhood cancer survivors with scholarship programs, and cancer continue with research so they “will” survive one way or the other! Check them out at and decide yourself.

  474. Pamela Patterson says:

    Vote St. Jude this wonderful research hospital cares for children everywhere and have made so many great contributions in the treatment cancers and other life threatening diseases. Continued prayer and love to the patients and staff. They are truly blessings from God.

  475. karen thibodeaux says:

    too many great choices! I would vote for at least 10 of them, but Snowdrop Foundation is my choice because of all the work that Kevin and Trish Kline do for it. Their tirelessness in raising funds for their pediatric cancer patients is unrelenting and done all from the heart. Great folks doing an amazing job to help kids.

  476. Michelle says:

    I love Bo’s place and what they do for grieving children and families.

  477. Sonia Fernandez says:

    I love what hspca is doing!!! It’s really hard to just pick one all of these organizations are doing such great things.

  478. Shannon says:

    Houston SPCA………..they are the voice and savior for all of the unwanted, abused and neglected animals out there.

  479. Eileen Glaser says:


  480. Kayla Hebert says:

    VOTE – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! WOOT WOOT

  481. Debbie Witt says:

    Great program!

  482. Chrys Maher says:

    Parish School in Houston gets my vote hands down! An amazing environment for Autisic spectrum kids. A nuturing, smart staff of teachers and administrators make it a rich environment for learning. They produce great results and very happy children.

  483. Hans Lubbeck says:

    Bo’s Place ROCKS!

  484. I voted for the ALS Association. A disease that took my mother from me. This is a horrible way to die and the association does so much for patients and they need so much help, as does this association. This run will bring the needed money and attention to the ALS Association. God bless you all, the needs are great for all charities.

  485. Candice says:

    Vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! My daughter suffers from this terrible disease, along with many others who don’t even make it past childhood. It can affect every organ in the body, We need a cure now!!

  486. Gloria says:

    Please vote The Parish School – so many children are in need of special help. This school provides our children with all the special attention, knowledge, understanding and growth to help them succeed in this world. They helped a family member very close to me and I hold The Parish School deeply in my heart!

  487. Kim Tamarin says:

    Last spring marked the end of my 5 year remission of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and my realization of being cured. I reached this milestone because of the research that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has funded which has led to many life-saving treatments for blood cancers. Won’t it be a great day when everyone who is diagnosed with cancer hears those great words “you’re cured”. Visit their site and read of their accomplishments in the fight against cancer.

  488. DeAnne says:

    my vote goes out to cystic fibrosis so that my 3yr old nephew has a fighting chance to reach my age (24)… CF sufferers are born with their terminal disease and do not live very long (usually not even to young adulthood). There is no cure for CF and due to it being defective gene(s) passed along to a child by both biological parents, there may never be one. Every time i see my nephew it is hard to believe that he is even sick because of how CF kills the body. Raising awareness can save the lives of these precious babies :)

  489. Megan V. says:

    Go Cancare! Such an amazing organization!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  490. Please Vote For The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, My Great Grand Daughter Was Born With This As as Many Other Children Have. And Did Not Have A Chance For A Normal Life. We Need A Cure For This. Please

  491. Jen says:

    Snowdrop Foundation is dedicated to assisting patients and families at Texas Children’s Cancer Center through funding for continued research to eliminate childhood cancer and scholarships for college bound pediatric cancer patients and survivors.

  492. Jacci says:

    Vote for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and give kids a chance to breathe

  493. salemgal90 says:

    Go Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Lets make CF stand for “CURE FOUND”!

  494. liz towery says:

    Please vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Havimg two out of three of my sons who have cf, it is a very personal cause. We need more people educated aboit this terminal illness! More education would lead to more funding which leads to more research!!! Help save some lives or prolong some lives!!!

  495. Tamara says:

    Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease which, not so long ago, would claim young lives before they even got the chance to go to school. Progress in the treatment of CF and the search for a cure has come leaps and bounds thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
    My 6 year daughter has Cystic Fibrosis – Every day I see the benefits to her that have been made possible by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. VOTE FOR THE CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION! :)

  496. Donna Frazier says:

    Supporting the Lupus Foundation of America. It’s personal.

  497. Ni'Ela says:

    Cystic Fibrosis! I did a college paper about this disease. There are many, But My vote undoubtedly ends here! I have a very lovely friend whose Niece is the cutest little flower and bundle of hope! She needs your support! Cystic fibrosis is a disease passed down through families that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. It is one of the most common chronic lung diseases in children and young adults. It is a life-threatening disorder. Vote for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  498. Candace Finger says:

    I vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because my youngest son has CF, and we need all the help we can get in trying to find a cure, or any treatments that can extend the life of my child and others like him!

  499. My Granddaughter was recently diagnoised with Cystic Fibrosis. There are many children and adults who need your support. Cystic Fibrosis is a life threatening disease that a cure needs to be found. Please vote for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

  500. b. coniglio says:

    Please” VOTE FOR THE CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION” I lost my only son to this horrible disease,and I want to see a cure in my life time so no more children have to struggle to breath and take enzyemes to digest their food. Please help these kids live a full life….

  501. go Buffalo Bayou Partnership!

  502. Ni'Ela R. says:

    I wrote a college paper about cystic Fibrosis! I never knew anyone close to me that is affected. Until I met Angela Zell. Her sister and Niece are suffering from it! So Today my vote ends with the Cystic fibrosis foundation. Whens the last time we’ve supported this cause?

    Most children with cystic fibrosis are fairly healthy until they reach adulthood. They are able to participate in most activities and should be able to attend school. Many young adults with cystic fibrosis finish college or find employment.

    Lung disease eventually worsens to the point where the person is disabled. Today, the average life span for people with CF who live to adulthood is approximately 37 years, a dramatic increase over the last three decades.

    Death is usually caused by lung complications.

  503. Tim says:

    Epilepsy Foundation of Texas FTW!

  504. Veronica says:

    Supporting the Lupus Foundation Texas Gulf Coast Chapter. Thanks for helping to spread awareness to this #CruelMystery

  505. Luciana says:

    Please support ALS we need to find a cure!

  506. Rob says:

    Genetic research being done to find a cure to CF is producing amazing results that will not only benefit families afflicted with CF but also other genetic diseases. My 11 year old son has CF and struggles constantly. He’s very excited that someday he’ll be able to do the things so many of us take for granted. I seen that someone posted about the average survival age being 37. Actually it’s that half of the kids will make it to age 37. Please consider Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as a beneficiary of your generosity. Every little bit helps.

    • Brandy says:

      I lost my 22 year old daughter to CF last year. It’s a mean disease that slowly takes your breath away. I say we vote for the kids. Alot of diseases are tough but ones that attach our kids and keep them from having a full life deserve our vote.

  507. Jessica Ann Fleming says:


  508. Jessica Ann Fleming says:


  509. Jessica Ann Fleming says:

    American Heart Association

  510. Marilyn says:

    The ALS Association helps people who are living with the greatest challenges today. Please vote to help the ALS Association Texas Chapter today.

  511. Katrina Bourquin says:

    There are so many wonderful and worthy organizations. It has to be OAR for my son Andrew! Good Luck OAR!

  512. Let’s make CF stand for Cure Found! Vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and save my baby and all the other kids and young adults out there with this horrible disease!

  513. Julie says:

    I voted for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because my 2 1/2 year old grandson has CF and I don’t want to outlive him. There is no government funding for CF research like is there for so many other diseases so every dollar counts even more! Let’s make CF stand for Cure Found!

  514. Sarah says:

    I have voted for ALS association as my beautiful mum died of this disease in 2011 and every penny is needed for research so a cure can finally be found in our life times!

  515. Shaundra says:

    We need to know what causes lupus!

  516. Hannah says:

    I voted for an organization that has personally helped our family overcome obstacles associated with autism- thank you OAR

    Truly a great cause.

  517. Jennifer says:

    I voted for CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION. Over the past few years we have mafe leaps and bounds in the medical field to fjnd a cure for CF. Money buys science and we need all the science we can get.

  518. Bobbie Stewart says:

    I voted for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

  519. I Voted St Jude Childrens Research Hospital!!!! Have worked for this cause for many years
    Have known may children that have been Blessed to be treated there.

  520. Pam says:

    My mom passed away from heart assoc. and she put mace packer twice a and not long. Dr say 20 years. But not long. She died. I want support heart for them as my mom.

  521. Bethany says:

    I voted for cystic fibrosis for my 9 month old baby boy

  522. Amy Hixon says:

    My 6 month old son has cystic fibrosis. Please vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help continue research to find a cure for this terrible disease.

  523. Melanie says:

    Please vote for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We love precious lives everyday from this disease. We need to find a cure! The foundation isn’t governmentally funded so all the extra money helps. I’m voting in honor of my son Asher who was born with CF and has fought so hard this past year.

  524. Diane Wales says:

    voted for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. My daughter passed away from this horrible disease at the age of 17 in 1994. Hoping for a cure so no other family has to go through this.

    • Diane, I am so sorry for your lost. My Granddaughter who was born in August of 2012 was recently diagnoised with CF…I am trying to be strong for my daughter but it can be hard at times and hard to know what to say…Any words of advice ….Nancy Livingood

  525. lisa lisa g. says:

    Lupus is a tricky disease. I have had it since 2003. Research money would be awesome.

  526. Teresa says:

    My vote is for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Dalton Dingus!! I hope and pray that this may help find a cure to CF. We love you Dalton, you are a true fighter!!

  527. Jules says:

    With so many wonderfully deserving Charities (bless their hearts) this was a tough vote. In the end I went this St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Not that the other charities deserve any less however. I hope whatever charity gets it that it helps many many people!!!

  528. Emily says:

    I voted for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have Cystic Fibrosis and would love to see a cure in my lifetime!

  529. Jesse Roach says:


  530. Lynda Courtney says:

    Lynda says:
    Jan 4 2013 7:54

    I have Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I would love to have cure in my lifetime.

  531. Montana Smith says:

    I voted for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!! For all the ones who have it and because of special little boy Dalton Dingus!! {:

  532. Heather says:

    There are SO many worthwhile organizations listed. My vote is for the Houston Food Bank but I love knowing that the funds will truly make a difference at any of these wonderful places. God bless HOUSTON; what a great place to live, filled with so many who care!

  533. Heather M. says:

    Because they are homeless, not nameless. You can do it Don Hall!!!

  534. lisa says:

    Please help our children live my son is 23 awaiting a double lung transplant. .he lost to many friends in 2013..please vote for cystic fibrosis foundation

  535. I voted for Cystic Fibrosis to help find a cure in honor of my beautiful 3 yr. old granddaughter Hope. We pray for her to live a long life filled with love and laughter! Please vote CFF!!

  536. jimmy Burke says:

    So many deserve to win, gotta vote with my heart for Epilepsy Foundation of Texas.

  537. My vote is for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of my two grand-children, Alex and Harper.

  538. Paula says:

    Houston Food Bank #1

  539. Kayla Carter says:

    Kevin Kline & the snowdrop foundation are amazing! Thank god for this organization-SO INSPIRING!!!

  540. Go Organization for Autism Research (OAR) !!! … helping those with autism and their families through applied research!!

  541. Margaret Saldana says:

    Vanessa’s Big Heart Foundation

  542. Carl Masterson says:

    houston food bank an absolute provider to the community of what keeps us alive

  543. CF is lifelong, you’re born with it. if you DON’T get treatment early, you’re prospects are SLIM. It CAN be cured soon.. IF it gets funding. Science is so close. Wipe this one off the board to focus on others. Hundreds of thousands across the globe NEED this.

  544. Nidia Soto says:

    No parent deserves to see their child suffering because of cancer!!! Every little angle deserves to live a beautiful life full of joy, happiness, and magical wonders.
    My vote goes for St. JUDE Hospitals because i know and believe that’s if my kids were going through a ruff time they would help!!!!

  545. Susan ross says:


  546. Debra Hope Arrington says:

    Go Organization for Autism Research!

  547. Sherri says:

    Stop hunger and vote for thr Houston Food Bank,

  548. Joe Valenzano President and CEO of Exceptional Parent Magazine says a vote for the Organization for Autism Research is a statement of purpose: to help find the underlying causes of autism in all its forms and to help families cope with the challenges ofdealing with thispuzzling and difficult condition that has perplexed so many for so long. OAR has always been there for families dealing with this pervasive issue facing our nation and their staff are truly didicated to quality research and help which, by the way, extends for our military families struggling not just with the spectrum of ASD’s but with the added challenges of frequent and extended deployments and transitions. OAR and their professionalism helps keep a proper focus on this issue.

  549. Jennifer Brooks says:

    Thank you to everyone who voted for CF!

  550. Sandra says:

    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy ….. thanks to everyone who voted!

  551. Dianne Rossberg says:

    The Parish School has helped so many children succeed who may have fallen through the cracks in a public school situation. I have been privileged to see children come into The Parish School and watch them learn how to advocate for themselves. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful careers and all have gone on to reach beyond what they thought they could do. Please vote for The Parish School and help a child become a contributing, successful citizen in our society.

  552. volkmar says:

    humans are responsible not only for themselves – but also for the other memebers that live on this planet. those members do not have a lobby in washington nor can other humans make a big profit … so i am in full support of the houston spca.

  553. Belinda McKenny says:

    I’m votingpfor the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. As a carrier of CF and having a son that is a carrier of CF we support Cystic Fibrosis Awareness and the foundatiin to find better treatments for this grnetic pulmonary disease.

  554. Alma says:

    Please vote for the ALS Texas chapter! My sister and other patients who literally have a 5 year death sentence with NO life-saving treatments available could use these funds! There are so many waiting for a cure. Thank you!!

  555. Leonel Orellana says:

    My vote goes to the Houston SPCA ,hope to win!

  556. Roy Allen says:

    I vote for the ALS Texas Chapter…

  557. Chance carter says:

    Kevin Kline and the snowdrop foundation are amazing!

  558. Angie says:

    I voted for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of my sister, Cassie. She was just able to blow out 30 candles on her bday cake because of the progress made by the CFF. PLEASE consider voting for them – a cure is SO CLOSE & they rely solely on donor generosity to continue research.

  559. sylvia Tavares says:

    Vote for OAR. Autism research is needed for kids and adults.

  560. mandi says:

    please vote for cystic fibrosis foundation. help find a cure

  561. CHRIS says:


  562. J. DesOrmeaux says:

    Thank you for all who are helping out & involved!

  563. Laura Falgout says:

    Being someone who has had friends that had to use Ronald McDonald house I know how wonderful this charity is, and they definitely get my vote!

  564. Andres Caruncho says:

    Listo !!! Suerte a todos

  565. molly says:

    My is vote for Cystic Fibrosis. My sweet baby Jay (9 months) has CF. Please help us find a cure for our babies!

  566. “No child should die in the dawn of life.” Vote for St. Jude!

  567. Reena says:

    These are all worthy causes, but I voted for the Houston SPCA and hope you will, too.

  568. Iole says:

    Vote for the SPCA! They have no voice but the SPCA gives them a second chance! They can’t do it without our help and support!

  569. Naomi Sifuentes says:

    Voted for OAR!! My 2 1/2 year old is autistic,

  570. Dee says:

    Vote for OAR! Autism needs more research funding.

  571. sunni says:

    I had a friend die of cystic fibrosis a few days before her 30th birthday. Her goal in life was to have a child and live to be 30. She did have a beautiful little girl who looks just like her. She is a blessing and a great reminder to us all of her wonderful mother.

  572. paige says:

    Please vote. We all matter. Cystic fibrosis got mine.

  573. Lucas Colato says:

    I am a cancer survivor and I know how difucult it was not only for me but for my wife and kids. No parent deserves to see their child suffering because of cancer!!!

    My vote goes for St. JUDE Hospitals because if my kids were going through a ruff time they would be there to help!!!!

    Every little one deserves to live a beautiful life full of joy and happiness.

  574. Scot Christenson says:

    Voting for the #1 genetic killing disease -Cystic Fibrosis.
    For both my boys and all my extended Cf family i”ve gained.
    For fighting this disease daily for my eldest son Saxon (4yrs).
    And in memory of my youngest son Baden.
    Baden lost his fight early in life from complications from having CF.
    But we know our Little Warrior is fighting hard for his older brother,after gaining his angel wings.
    I was raised thinking a parent should pass before their child.But unfortunately have realized differently with this disease.
    And with no government support.The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation rely on private donations.And money from the Great Strides walk.To further research for this disease.
    Breathe Easy Baden Scot,Breathe Easy. Daddy loves you.

  575. Have faith,hope and love.

  576. lisa says:

    thanks , chevron

  577. Gaby says:

    Im voting for those who cant vote for themselves SPCA Please help them too!!!!

  578. Eva Royer says:

    Houston Area Parkinson Society! Go Team HAPS!

  579. Deborah says:

    Say “yes” to Pink Ribbons Project!

  580. Alicia abbott says:

    Mine goes for oar, I have a autistic son and would love to find some help

  581. Gaby Velasco says:

    VOTE FOR YES PREP PUBLIC SCHOOLS!! :) I am an alumni. YES prep puts in a lot of work to make their students very successful. I am an undergrad student ready to graduate Fall 2013! :) It would not be possible if it were not for YES :). Vote for YES!

  582. Ana says:

    San Jose Clinic. You see, this organization takes care of the legions of uninsured and under-insured in Houston. And no, these are not welfare queens. These are hard-working Texans, many working for big companies who do not get insurance.

  583. Mr. Bill says:

    My vote goes to the Lupus Foundation. Why??? It’s the least fund, least publicized, and most in need of additional funding. Nearly 90% of lupus patients between ages 15 to 45 are women and African-American women are three times more likely to get lupus than white women. The last “New Lupus Drug” came out in the 1950’s!!!!!

  584. Stephanie Smucker says:

    Go Living Water International! Honestly though all these charities are awesome. Thank you to Chevron and Houston Marathon Foundation for the donation.

  585. Dawn Giblin says:

    3ABF provides much needed Bereavement Assistance to the poor in Houston for Funeral and counseling services. Thank You for your great work ! Thanks to Chevron and the Houston Marathon Foundation for providing funds to assist the small charities!

  586. Melissa Klopp says:

    My vote is for Down Syndrome Association of Houston…..THE MOST LOVING AND WONDERFUL CHILDREN IN THE WORLD.

  587. Ana Shah says:

    I vote for the epilepsy foundation. They provide medical coverage for patients who can’t get insurance from other companies.

  588. peg says:

    Type 1 Diabetes is a daily lifetime of insulin injections please consider help these very young childern. JDRF

  589. Graciela says:

    I voted for Escape Family Resource Center for all the work they do to educate parents in the prevention of child abuse. God Bless Escape!

  590. Gail says:

    LLS and Snowdrop are amazing life saving foundations:). We have been blessed to have been associated with them.

  591. Lauro Gutierrez says:

    I voted!

  592. Jonathan Morris says:

    Upon the path of the just, the foot cannot stumble.

  593. Barbara L. says:

    Ronald McDonald House Rocks!!!

  594. Yo vote por ESCAPE Recursos para la Familia por que evitar el abuso infantil es tener un futuro de EXITO en la comunidad.

  595. Harwood says:

    Vote for Escape! Having seen the incredible growth of this organization, the need is obviously huge and the benefits of Edcape’s work touch every one of us The worthy organizations on this list will ultimately all benefit from people making healthier, more compassionate decisions in their
    families. They become reaponsible members of our community and world and the proverbial ripples are manyfold.

  596. Sewell Feenstra says:

    I have supported Sunshine Kids for many years. Children with cancer with our help get to be kids and wishes do come true. Great organization that gives lots of love.

  597. renee nelson says:


  598. David Clayton says:

    All you have to do is spend one day with the Sunshine Kids and you would vote no other way….
    Loving. Grateful, Kind, Generous and about as cute and fun as a barrel of monkeys….

  599. Russ Winsor says:

    I voted for ESCAPE Family Resource Center …..Russ W.

  600. Leah Dalton says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!!

  601. Kim Starlin says:

    ALS Texas Chapter

  602. Litsa Jackson says:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!

  603. jay m pentzien aka STITCH says:


  604. Alicia says:

    Thanks for all you do for our kids

  605. The Parish School is nothing short of amazing PLEASE vote for them they are helping children with learning differences become functioning adults.

  606. Richard says:

    The ESCAPE Family Resource Center is an incredible asset to the greater Houston community. Preventing child abuse now prevents so many problems down the road … not an issue that many people want to talk about, but one which reaches every segment of our population.

  607. Krystle Marseilles says:

    Good luck St. Jude!

  608. Leigha says:

    There were a lot I wanted to vote for so i wrote them on paper and then pulled a piece of paper out of bag. Thought it was fairest

  609. cheryl boylson says:

    St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee gives hope to families effected by childhood cancer.

  610. Teresa says:

    I have 3 grandchildren patients of St. Judes…St. Judes is an awesome, caring and knowledgeable hospital…they provide medicines, hospital stay, anything a child needs or wants plus they provide a place for parents to live, food and more…they never ask for a cent…St. Judes has done wonders for our family…they helped saved my grandchildrens lives.

  611. Rachael says:

    GO. ……….. St Judes ! Keep saving kids lives!

  612. Ping Ping says:

    CAP all the way!

  613. MONICAGA says:

    St. Jude has my vote <3

  614. Shirley says:

    Citizen’s For Animal Protection. Help save the innocent animals. I am voting for those who don’t have a voice.

  615. Chris says:

    Parish School

  616. Angelica R says:

    Snowdrop Foundation! :)

  617. Cathy Agan says:

    The Parrish School is phenominal!The

  618. Sara says:

    Voted for St. Jude, my 13 yr old daughter Lindsay had a second bone marrow transplant for multiple relapsed leukemia. They are taking such good care of all of us, and they saved her life and saving many more every day!!!

  619. Jennifer says:

    The Parish school changed my son’s life-gave him words when he had none, and gave my husband and me a community of like-minded special needs parents who understood what it’s like to have a child with a language learning difference. We will forever be in their debt, so Parish gets my vote!

  620. annai says:

    the answer is YES!

  621. Good Luck St. Jude. You are simply the best!