Race Experience Spotlight: Post-Race Services

After months of preparation and vigorous training, you run your race, collect your medal, and take your stunning finisher’s photo. What’s next? Let us take you through the post-race services available inside the George R. Brown Convention Center to make your race recovery stress-free.Race Experience Spotlight: Post-Race Services

As you enter the George R. Brown from the finish line, you will be handed a bottle of water and a banana. Keep moving through the entry chute into the building so the area does not become congested. We ask that you not stand here to wait for friends and family running the race and our volunteers will encourage you to keep moving through. If you would like to wait near here for other runners, you can stand along the other side of the fencing in the center of the hall.

As you enter the hall, you will see our Finisher’s Merchandise Area straight ahead on the back side of the building. This area is your first stop so you can collect your Under Armour finisher’s shirt and glass mugs for marathon finishers.  To collect your item(s) you will tear off the Finisher Shirt tag on your bib and hand it to a volunteer. If you cannot contain the excitement of putting on your finisher’s shirt, there is a changing area to the left of this area as well as behind Gear Check in Hall B. There will also be a cookie stand in front of the Finisher’s Merchandise Area to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Once you pick up your shirt, you will move down the hall to Gear Check. First is Marathon Gear Check, followed by Half Marathon Gear Check. You will pick up your gear check bag based on your race bib number. When you get to the front of the line you will rip off your gear check tag from your bib and hand it to a volunteer who will retrieve your bag. Once you are given your bag, please move out of the Gear Check area so that other runners may collect their bags.

Across from Gear Check you will find the H-E-B Food Court. When entering the Food Court, you will have the opportunity to take another banana and there will be compost stations set up throughout the line to dispose of your banana peel. Free post-race refreshments and a hot, fresh meal provided by H-E-B are available inside the Food Court for all race participants. Breakfast includes eggs, sausage, cookies, bananas, yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate, sodas and water. You will redeem your “food” ticket from the bottom of your race bib to a designated volunteer when entering the Food Court.

New to the Food Court this year, you will see the H-E-B Patio. This area is connected to the Food Court and available for you to rest and stretch while enjoying your food and drink. We encourage runners to go to this area if they would like to sit on the floor instead of in the center of the halls. This is also where you will find cookies, H-E-B ice cream, and Dole fruit cups. Whether you enjoy your post-race food and drink in the Food Court seating area or the H-E-B Patio, remember to recycle your leftover food, plastic cups, and utensils. Volunteers will be available to assist and educate you on the Houston Marathon Committee’s Green Initiative.

After you have collected your finisher’s shirt, gear check bag, and enjoyed your hot meal provided by H-E-B, you will exit the secured runner’s only zone to the Reunion Area. We encourage you to use the Reunion Area in Halls C and D of the George R. Brown to designate a place to meet your family and friends after the race. The reunion area is open to the public and will be designated by suspended banners with letters of the alphabet (A-C, D-G, H-L, M-P, Q-S, T-Z). If you missed the finisher photo opportunity on the finish line, there is an additional photo opportunity at the Brightroom Photography booth in Hall C. Once you have reunited with your family and friends, head out to the We Are Houston RunFest in Discovery Green Park for a free celebration of your accomplishment while enjoying refreshments, beverages and music!

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